TMI Tuesday: Do you wanna ride?

Today’s TMI Tuesday is all about your ride–your car, your moto, your bike–your regular mode of transport, and of course sex ;-)

1. What type of vehicle do you use regularly? Truck, car, bike, etc.

Well I don’t drive, its a very long story that involves a cemetery and blown out tire that happened while I was learning how to drive. So for me it is riding with others and public transportation. Sadly this is going to make a lot of my other answers I believe a little boring. 

2. Do you use public transportation–bus, train, metro/subway, cab? How often?

If I am going into the city often use the train to get to my friends place or to get to a place where I can be picked up to get home. When I was living in the city (Houston or Chicago) I often used both the train and bus system.

3. Have you ever had sex in/on public transportation? Tell us about it?

I have never had sex with another person on public transportation, well…unless you count phone sex. That I have done quite a few times. 

4. I know most of you have had sex in a car or truck but how many times have you had sex in your present vehicle?

As I have none, never.

5. When was the last time you had sex in  car or truck type vehicle? Was it with a known person or a stranger?

Never have done that either. I have wanted to but none of the people I have been with have had a car…or had one big enough to do anything fun in.

6. Have you ever had sex on a bicycle or motorcycle?

No, but a motorcycle would be interesting.

7. Stick shift or manual? Why?

I am going to have to say manual, only because if I am going to do anything in a car I don’t want to be sticking myself with the stick shift. Well not the cars anyway. 

8. Ever had sex on the hood of a car? (Hood = The part of a car that covers the engine and that can be raised. The British word is bonnet.)

Nope, but I wouldn’t turn it down!

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