Sultry Saturday: Snuggle

I am still not sure how it ended up this way, curled up all together some how having made it to the other end of the bed. Myself laying half off it and diagonally curled up against a good friend kissing and snuggling her bare stomach while she curled up with the guy who had joined us.

Wait no, I know how it started. It started with the snuggling.

It was late, no one wanted to drive home. So we all curled up in bed. Fully clothed and everything. He took the middle because he was warm and we just went to either side. Snuggling turned into hands moving and grazing over one another. It was innocent, just keeping warm and enjoying the company. But it grew, hands lingered over breasts and lips kissed at bare skin that it could find.

I was in a happy daze until surprise took over, she moved to the middle and then pounced on top of my hands and lips at my breasts. Licking, sucking and groping at me. At one point I knew both of them had their mouths on me, but I was just awash with the overwhelming excitement of it all. The three of us giggling and moaning now, enjoying what just seemed to surprise us all. Her hands becoming adventurous as they found their way between my legs, slowly rubbing my pussy making me squirm against her. At one point, I knew a second-hand was there but she had taken possession of it for the time not allowing anyone else but her to touch. I couldn’t leave him left out my hand moving to wrap around his cock and stroke while he watched her just take me over. Making me moan into his kiss as I came against her fingers. Pulling away she started to blush, her impulse wonderful but washing over her with slight giddy embarrassment.

Once I could move again a smirk grew on my lips, she had fallen back her head now at the foot of the bed. Two can play at the same game I thought, and I pounced. My mouth finding her breasts as he joined in, far to shocked at the both of us it seemed to really take much direction of the situation. My hand soon mimicking what she had done to me, as it was my turn to make her moan and swear under her breath. Each little sound she made making me smile and grin as I licked or sucked at her nipple.

It didn’t take long, she came around my fingers as she let out a soft moan content as I moved up. Our lips meeting and slowly making out as the two of us came down. He watched content to just have become a voyeur of the whole thing. His own orgasm coming as we kissed and content to pet at one another. Softly whispering to the other making sure everything that had just happened was alright. Perhaps a little late but we had slowly started coming out of the daze. The three of us ending things the way we had started then. Snuggling up with one another, smiling and grinning at the little moment that we randomly seemed to share.

About scarletrosefox

A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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