Review: Tantus Ryder

People who have been reading my blog for a while now, know very well that I love everything that comes from Tantus. I have reviewed a number of their dildos, so it should come as no surprise that I am now reviewing one of their what I see as rather popular and one that is highly recommend, Ryder.

tantus ryder stand

The Tantus Ryder is a fantastic anal plug for those who like a nice bit of girth and something that is going to sit comfortably for longer wear. Because of the larger size and the fact that the tip is more rounded than tapered, I would not recommended this as a beginners plug but it does work very well after you have warmed up to anal play.

Now my plug looks a lot different then the standard Ryder that you find on its own page on Tantus’ site, why you may ask? Well that is because I got it from their Grab Bag page instead of the normal Ryder. While I adore Tantus’ iconic black and purple shades, the Grab Bag is a great way of getting something a little different. Mine is a slightly tan shade with swirls of purple in it that are rather soft but in the right light you can make them out. At first it looks very plain but I have fallen in love with the coloring.

Close up of coloring

Close up of coloring


The bulb part of the plug is almost shaped like an elongated egg and it has only a slight bit of tapering to it from tip to bottom before the stem. The whole toy is seamless and there is no curve to it, unlike other plugs that I have used which have a bit of a curve for the prostrate.

tantus ryder laydown


Total length: 4.25 inches
Insertable length: 4 inches
Max Girth: 4.75 inches
Min Girth (stem): 2.5 inches

Now when it comes to use, I found that it works well with a bit of warm up with fingers or a thinner toy and a good amount of water based lube. The silicone of the toy has a lot of drag to it with out the lube, and if you try to use it with out you are gonna have a bad time. Now if you are used to toys with a lot of girth, then you may not need the warming up but I know that I certainly did just because the only plug that I am use to is my Pure Plug at the moment. However, once I had it fully inside it sat very comfortably inside of my body and I was able to move around with no discomfort. While using it during play I was able to feel it pushing against what I was inserting into my vagina and sort of help to increase sensation a bit especially with my g-spot toys because it pushed things upward a little more. I was worried slightly that the base would not work well to sit comfortably between my cheeks, but that was a pleasant surprise for me that it did. It also came out of my body with ease in part due to the slight glossy texture that it has and the shape helped as well, feeling no pain or discomfort during the removal.

Clean up is a snap, as it always is with anything by Tantus. The silicone allows you to clean it either with antibacterial soap and water, bleach, or sticking it in the top rack of the dishwasher. I always however keep some toy wipes handy because silicone’s only downside is the fact that it is a hair/lint magnet.

Overall, I do have to say that the Tantus Ryder does live up to all the good words that I have heard about it, and I will say that it has become a must have in my toy box.

As of writing this review, Tantus is having a 25% off any of their anal toys which does include the Ryder! Just use the code WHATWHAT at check out!


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4 Responses to Review: Tantus Ryder

  1. Heaven says:

    Glad to hear you enjoy this, this one will not work for me as I am a beginner to anal. It is too cute though.

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