Review: The Original Magic Wand

2013-10-29 15.12.14What can be said about the Magic Wand,that hasn’t already been said? There are so many reviews out there for this toy, but I thought I would throw mine into the pond as well. To me the Magic Wand is an iconic toy in the sex toy world. That while iconic does have a few downsides to being ‘perfect’.

It was originally a body massager that plugs into your traditional US outlet. The massagers is intended to be used to stimulate the clitoris, but because of how large the head is it doesn’t focus on just that area. It ends up stimulating much of your vagina all at once. There are of course attachments that can be gotten in tandem with the magic wand that will allow you to use it internally as well.

It is rather large and heavy, so most find it good for solo play. Though your partner can use it on you, you just cannot really use it during penetrative intercourse with your partner too well because of the cord and size.

But those who are power queens with clits of diamond will love the power this wand holds.

The magic wand has a long plastic handle and a head made of plush rubber materials. Because it is made of rubber it is very porous so you might want to slip a condom or dental dam over it. Or there are attachments made of silicone that slip over that keep from getting the head of the wand dirty. Also while the head is textured it doesn’t add any extra stimulation.

If you are looking for a toy that is aesthetically pleasing, the Magic Wand is not one of those toys. It is rather plain-looking with just white, silver and blue colors to it, but the look itself is rather iconic when you think about it. The total length is 12″ from the top of the head to where the cord starts. The cord itself is 72″ long so you have quite a bit to move around and play with. Though I would make sure that you are still close to where the oulet is so that you don’t have a moment where during play you may jerk it and pull it right from the wall.

The handle is very smooth and straight, with no real area to hold in your hand. The controls are located on the handle and have three settings high, low and off.

Because of its size, the Magic Wand is not that easy to travel with. It cannot be hidden or packed well. But it is somewhat discreet due to the fact that it does look like just your average massager. Though on the other hand…this is the most iconic of them so a good handful of people will know just what you might be doing with it.

To use the magic wand you need to find an outlet, it is only powered by electricsity. Once it is plugged in you only have to flip the switch up for high and down for low. To turn it off you just have to set the switch back to center.

Even on its lowest setting the vibrations of the Hitachi is powerful as all get out. This is one of those toys that goes to 11. For those who need only moderate vibrations you might find yourself going numb after awhile but power queens will love it. The sound is very loud however and can easily be heard no matter how you are trying to cover it up.

Also, because its corded and has to stay in the wall, it is not waterproof.

To clean the Magic Wand you can easily use toy wipes, or you can remove the head to wash it with soap and water. Then make sure it is totally dry before reattaching it.

For storage I keep mine in the box it came in under my bed as that is the ONLY place I can easily fit it with out taking up too much space in my drawer for toys.

As for lubes, water based is always best. You could use silicone based lube but if you plan to get a silicone attachment it could degrade the silicone of the attchment because of how porus the head is.

Okay so now that I have gone over most of the details that you need to know about the Magic Wand, what is my take on it personally? I thought that I had a clit of steel before this, normally needing to put most of my vibrators on HIGH before I could feel something. The Magic Wand blew all of this out of the water that I actually have to use a buffer between myself and the head of the wand. But the magic wand makes me get to my orgasm quicker then any other toy or partner has ever been able to do. Another reason why I like it, as a plus sized woman the long handle allows me to lay back comfortably with out having to stretch. I am able to really just enjoy my time rather then worry about moving mid-orgasm in the wrong way and killing it. Right now I am using what few condoms I have over the head so that its not getting anything in it, but eventually I want to attempt some of the attachments for it as well. However I do have quite a few of the toys already in my possession that I love to use in tandem with my Magic Wand and highly recommend!

These six toys are wonderful on their own, but when I combine them with the Magic Wand for me the orgasm just gets even better. I have yet to try it with two of the toys at the same time and the Magic Wand, truth be told I am a little intimidated by it but I will of course have to attempt it one day. For science of course.

You can get your own from any of the below stores!

Pink Cherry * Early 2 Bed * Good Vibrations * Lovehoney

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One Response to Review: The Original Magic Wand

  1. Heaven says:

    Glad you enjoyed using this as well. I still enjoy using mine but have something that replaced it with more functions then just two. Also a bit lighter then this.

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