Sultry Saturday: Taste of Honey

So I am writing smut this year for National Novel Writing Month and thought I would share a bit here with you my lovely readers. Now you can’t tell in this but my current characters one of them is of all things a Were-bear. I was wanting to go for something a little different then your rippling muscles with their shirts off werewolf and went for an animal that is just as predatory but a little more sturdy. And of course as you will read here a bit of a sweet tooth.

I was sitting on the counter, my hair was a mess from the night before and I was dressed in just the wife beater he had tossed to the floor and a pair of my panties. On me it stretched over my breasts tightly even with out a bra on but the sleeves where slightly loose as I stretched up to grab the honey for my tea it showed off the swell of my breast now bearing a slight bruised bite mark on the right one from where his teeth had sunk just a little hard last night. Seeing it earlier had caused me to blush and smile all at the same time, knowing that this man had marked me. For a moment my brain floated back to last night and I let out a happy sigh until I heard a voice from behind me.

 “Now that is a nice view to wake up to.” His voice was soft and still slightly tired as he padded into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around my waist and making me startle from his slightly cold hands. My own hands slipped and the honey that I had been shaking to the bottom popped open some of it spilling onto my breasts. I heard him give a slight hungry growl as he turned me around in his arms. “Naughty girl making a mess of yourself, its like you want me to maul you.”

 “You where the one who put those cold hands on my skin.”

 “Oh so now its my fault you where clumsy and got yourself sticky with all that honey. I think you knew better.” He looked down at me as he settled me down on the floor, his eyes where hungry and I watched as his tounge darted out to lick at his lips. I suddenly could feel the thick honey slowly rolling down my skin threatening to get his shirt dirty. It was as if he thought the same thing as he suddenly grabbed the wife beater by the edges in the front and pulled it down exposing my breasts before it could dirty it.

 “Well, you are welcome to get it off me if you want…” I said with a slightly innocent look up at his hungry eyes, this made him laugh as he ran his finger through some of the honey and then slowly sucked it off. I must have made some kind of noise as I watched him because he laughed softly.

 “Mmmm its good, but not yet. Don’t you know honey tastes better when its been infused with something else? Lets see how it tastes after I punish you for being so tempting.”

 Punish? I was thinking it and I nearly said it but the words were caught in my throat as he grabbed me by the arm and bent me over my kitchen counter. I was shocked for a moment until I felt his hand on my ass cheek, rubbing it slowly as he played with the lace of my panties that was along the edge of each leg. He held me by my arm against my back and for a moment I just fell into a very relaxed place as he continued to just toy with my skin. Then the shock came back as I felt his hand come down on my ass with a sound THWACK. He had spanked me slightly last night and I remembered how wet I had become while he was inside me. That thought and the slight pain mingled together as the neck blow came and I could already feel the heat rising not only against my skin but my whole body as well. He went back and forth between rubbing the growing red spot on each of my cheeks to giving it another sound snapping spank. After the first six or was it seven, his fingers slipped under my panties.

 “Seems like there is more honey to be found on your body…” He said growling softly into my ear and it made me moan as his fingers slipped inside of me. His fingers parting me as my senses suddenly realized how wet I had become from this sudden ‘punishment’. He moved them inside of me a few more times before I suddenly felt empty again. I whimpered and pushed my ass back into his leg, trying to entice him into doing more but it only seemed to serve as the perfect angle for him to grab my panties and pull them down off my ass. Where he had hit suddenly felt more exposed and warmer, making me pull back from him. “Now you get shy?”

 I could barely say a thing before he started once again his hand raining down a few quick blows making me cry out slightly something between a scream and a moan. It was about that time when I noticed that because I had started to warm up the honey on my chest had started to warm as well, becoming slightly thinner and rolling down my chest a little faster. It was making a mess as it mingled with the slight bit of sweat that was starting to form on my skin, I never knew this could cause such a physical reaction as it had. I grabbed at the counter as another few smacks hit me, now trying not to lean my face into the mess of honey that was my chest to muffle my cries. My legs felt like they where going to give out any second until I felt him pick me up and place me on the counter. Pulling my panties off my legs the rest of the way he pushed my legs open and his fingers slipped back into my now dripping wet pussy. I groaned as my head fell back, practically offering my honey covered breast to him. With a hungry growl his head moved down, mouth devouring one of my nipples now slick with honey as he started to lick and suck it to hardness. My ass now sitting on the cold marble counter making me shiver only slightly against him as I let out a groan pushing my hips up against his fingers to ease some of the pressure on my now sore cheeks but at the same time get his fingers deeper inside of me. 

Like it? Let me know and hopefully I will post a little more for you later in the month!

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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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3 Responses to Sultry Saturday: Taste of Honey

  1. kikamystik says:

    Mmmm, that Thwack part reminded me of the weekend I just had. Omg the smacks while I was getting some were awesome. I enjoyed this and would like to see more from you.

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