TMI Tuesday: Eat it

1. If your sandwich is cut in half on the diagonal, creating two triangles do you bite the hypotenuse or the point?

I always eat from the point, just seems easier that way than diving right into the middle of it. 

2. Dipping a tortilla chip– do you dip the tip or the side of the chip to scoop the dip?

Really depends on the type of dip, if it’s just a normal cheese dip with nothing in it then I just dip the tip. If there is meat or say its a salsa of some kind then I am all about getting a little scoop action on.

3. Do you think you drink too much coffee? How much do you drink daily? What is a “cup” of coffee to you–how many ounces/grams?

None, no coffee for me. Not a fan of it.

4. Do you take cream in your tea? How many sugars?

I do take cream and about 2 spoonfuls of sugar, though really it depends on the tea. I mostly drink black but if its green tea then nothing but honey or lychee syrup. 

5. How do you eat a burrito?
a. Pick it up with your hands, bite into an end.
b. Cut it in half, then pick up one half and eat it.
c. Eat it with a fork and knife
d. Open the tortilla, eat the food inside and eat the tortilla last.
e. Other

This is how I normally eat them now, when I was a kid however it was D.

6. Pizza…How do you eat a slice?
a. Pick it up and eat it as an open slice.
b. Pick it up and fold it together, then bite into it.
c. Leave it on the plate and eat with a fork and knife.
e. I eat the crust first, then the rest of the slice.

…Why do you eat your pizza like that?

Okay I can’t pick just one here, because it depends on the type of pizza. A normal pizza I will just pick it up and eat it. If it’s a good traditional Chicago style deep dish pizza then it’s getting eaten with a fork and knife as the gods intended it to be. 

What is the weirdest thing that you are into?

For me I guess the weirdest thing that I am into his the idea of being fucked by a supernatural creature such as a werewolf in their full on half wolf/half man form. I don’t honestly view it as bestiality because the mind of the werewolf in question in my fantasies is still very much human just with an animalistic craving. The whole idea just gives me goosebumps to think about and gets me rather horny. 

Bonus, bonus:
Do you care if your different foods, on a plate, touch each other? Yes!?! What’s that all about?

Nope this is something I have never cared about really. 

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3 Responses to TMI Tuesday: Eat it

  1. Heaven says:

    Great answers. I am seeing a lot of point eaters so far. Happy TMI!

  2. atiya says:

    Loved your first Bonus!!!

    Happy TMI!
    great answers

  3. beck03 says:

    Getting fucked by a werewolf isn’t weird and if it is…we are weird together! 😉

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