Review: Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner

Ah toy cleaning! When you review them like I do and are on web cam with them often, toy cleaning can be a huge chore. Now normally I am a fan of just tossing what I can into the dishwasher top shelf and wiping down the rest with a toy wipe. Its simple enough for me in a pinch, but then are the times where I am like.


Credit to Hyperbole and a Half for starting this meme:

We all get that way I think, where you spend a good while just cleaning all the nooks and crannies of a toy. Hot water and soap doesn’t always seem to cut it for me, so I was pretty excited when LoveHoney sent me their Fresh Toy Cleaner to test out in exchange for a fair and honest review. So I did what any sane toy reviewer/user/horder would do…I got as many of my toys that needed cleaning together at one time and I tested them all. For sex toy science of course!

Now first, just what is in this toy cleaner? Thankfully it seems like it is paraben free which is a huge plus in my book.  The ingredients list is actually very short, only 3 things are listed. They are not natural so if that is something that is important when it comes to your cleaners you will have to look else where.


Anionic surfactants – less than 5%: Anionic surfactants area macromolecule, usually in the sulfonate or sulfate group of chemicals such as sodium laureth sulface, that acts as an active surface agent to lower the surface tension of liquids. Meaning that it picks up the dirt and allows it to clean them off of the surface of the toys pretty much. Because it is only 5% I don’t see it being much of an issue even if it is SLS but I wash my hands off of it after as I tend to have some issues with SLS and sulfates now and then on my skin.

Preservation Agents 

  • Methylisothiazolinone: A widely used preservative that has some issues causing skin irritation, so another one to be careful with.
  • Benziothicazolinone: Again, just a preservative but still lists that it may cause irritation to the skin/eyes.

Basically if you do use this, be sure to wipe down and rinse your toys thoroughly so as to avoid any irritation that could be caused before you use your toys again. Mostly just to be safe as they do go where the skin is much more sensitive than most of your body.


Sorry for stock image from Lovehoney, could not get a good picture to save my life!

The cleaner comes in a 120ml clear plastic bottle. It does have Lovehoney’s branding on the front of it but it doesn’t scream THIS CLEANS DILDOS! Which is a plus for keeping it someplace like on a bed side table or in a bathroom drawer/cabinet.


All the toys, okay not all of them. Most of the collection.

All the toys, okay not all of them. Most of the collection.

The directions are easy. Just spray, wipe and rinse! Seriously that is it. However I found a few tricks depending on the type of toy and material that you are cleaning. The spray itself has a soft minty smell to me that lingers only for a short time after rinsing off the toy cleaner thoroughly which is my indication that I am done cleaning it.

Glass: This is one of the easiest materials to use this toy cleaner on. One spray normally does the trick, it bubbles just a bit when running the damp cloth over it but it leaves the glass nice and clean.

Metal: Next to glass, this is the other one that cleans with ease. One spray is all you need.

Silicone: This one was tough. One spray was enough but it needed extra rinsing to make sure that it all came off which was odd for me. I only found out when I went to go put a toy in my mouth and could taste the toy cleaner. So I tend to give these a bit of extra time rinsing or a second rinse if I have the time.

Rubber: Now I don’t actually spray the cleaner on to the rubber toys that I cleaned, mostly because they either have wood or leather attached to them on some part. Instead I would give a single spray to a cloth and then wipe them down. Then use a second clear damn cloth to wipe off the lingering toy cleaner residue. Then a dry towel to pat dry, yes it is a bit time-consuming but worth it.

Textured/Toys with batteries: Same as with the rubber, one spray does it but you want to make sure you get all the grooves and such with the detail of a wipe or even a toothbrush but it does still clean very well. You just need to keep from submerging unless its one that is meant to be water proof and you can keep the cap area tight.


Despite the slight issues with the ingredients that I may have, the Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner does do what it advertises. It cleans the toys which is what it is meant to do. Would I personally buy it? Doubtful but only because my skin is rather sensitive so I try to steer clear of things that are going to irritate it. So if that is an issue for you I would suggest looking elsewhere for a cleaner that suits you better. I know that I will continue to use it until I am done with the bottle as that is just how I works. If Lovehoney puts out a more natural version of it I will be all over that. So really it comes down to preference and what you prefer when it comes to cleaners.

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This product was sent to Fox in the Flowers for free in exchange for a fair and honest review. This doesn’t effect my review in any way and the disclaimer is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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One Response to Review: Lovehoney Fresh Toy Cleaner

  1. kikamystik says:

    Sorry to hear you have sensitive skin and this did not work for you. Camming can be a pain sometimes when trying to clean toys. I keep my wipes and toy cleaner handy because I can’t always get to the bathroom, even if the bathroom is in my room LOL.

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