Adventures in Camming: Injuries

So recently I have gone back to the world of camming once again, I am living in a place where I can have the time to be able to get on cam and not feel some kind of strange because my mother is downstairs playing Facebook games. It is a little slow getting back into the swing of things but nothing I can’t handle.

I have started to branch out, not just running on the sites that I do (yes I picked up another) but making videos and doing Cam 2 Cam on Skype. Seemed like a good few things to just pick up doing here and there. It gives me a chance to build a reputation as well as gain a few regulars who perhaps don’t like giving their money directly to a site.

What it as also gotten me in the last few times is some rather crazy injuries! Now I am pretty klutzy, but for some reason on cam I am even more so for some reason. Plus an interesting tidbit, most of my on the job injuries have been sex toy related!

I remember one of my first injuries right on cam was laying down being sexy and coy as I played with one of my dildos in my mouth. I believe it was my Goddess Handle. So I am licking and sucking, then take a good amount of it into my mouth. Sucking hard enough my cheeks hallow just a bit I pull back to make this huge POP that can be heard on the cam. The toy snaps forward from momentum and of course what goes forward must comeback! Causing the dildo to smack me right in the forehead! I swear for a few moments I seriously saw stars. Though I did get a nice tip from one of my regulars because he said I took it like a champ. I thought I would have a bruise in the morning but thankfully did not, would have been a strange one do tell my friends about.

I have also used my toys too fast and too hard, ending up causing myself to be the worst kind of sore in the morning. Silicone I swear has little to no give, it almost makes me want to give in and get something with more squish but I could never do that to myself.

I have fallen off couches, slipped on the floor and even sent the futon I was currently sitting on toppling over all during cam time. But one of the things that I have noticed the most is that it doesn’t turn men off, they have told me that it makes me seem far more real then someone who is trying to be perfect on cam every second. Sure it has left me with a few bruises and some odd bumps, but it makes working a lot more fun these days when things are seriously slow. The injuries remind me that I am human, not just a product that I am constantly putting out there and selling which keeps me wanting to do what I do every day.

About scarletrosefox

A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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One Response to Adventures in Camming: Injuries

  1. Heaven says:

    I agree with you Scarlet you can get the most injuries just from camming. I have as well and just sitting on my bed doing nothing I have bruises. I will work a toy too hard. I don’t get it but it comes with the job LOL.

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