Review: Smartballs Teneo Duo by Fun Factory

2013-12-05 21.06.15The Smartballs Teneo Duo by Fun Factory are a set of Vaginal balls that are used for increasing your PC muscle strength and vaginal tone. What they do is they stimulate the muscles to contract around the balls the same way that doing kegals would do. The balls are weighted so that you must squeeze around them to keep them in, so it is like having a set of barbels for those muscles. They are of course much heavier then the Uno that I reviewed awhile back, being that their are two balls so those who are finding that they might need more of a challenge or have just finished with child birth may benefit more from the Duo then they would the Uno.

The Duo are two balls that are attached to one another, each of the balls contain a smaller weighted ball that moves in side and vibrates when you move. These vibrations stimulate the muscles and cause them to contract.

The balls are meant for Vaginal Use only and so are really only for those who have a vagina. Even though these have a retrieval string, do not use them anally. They are far too small and could easily get lost inside of the body.

The Duo have an inner ball that is made of plastic that is wrapped in an outer silicone ball. The material is 100% body safe, latex free, and phthalates free. While there are some ridges along the balls, I did not find that the texture really did much during use other than it made a little easier to grip when I was inserting or removing the balls.

The Duo balls are shaped like small eggs, with silicone wrapped around them and are connected to one another via said silicone. The second of the balls has a retrieval cord that is attached and a slight dip in the bottom to help with insertion so you can press it in with your finger tip. It is easy to feel the balls when you hold it in your hand, shaking and slightly clacking inside of the outer ball.

2013-12-05 21.06.05


Total length: 7 1/4″
Ball length: 1 3/4″
Ball Diameter: 1 1/2″
Middle string length: 1/2″
Retrieval Cord: 3 1/2″

Because they are made of Silicone you do not want to use silicone lube with these toy for insertion. I recommend water based lubrication only as it won’t degrade the material that the Duo is made out of. Because the Duo is made of silicone its also super easy to take care of, washing it in hot water with antibacterial soap or I just hook them safely on the top rack of my dishwasher and give them a spin.

Storage is simple, you can choose to leave them in the box that they came in or they will easily fit in any storage bag, box or drawer. Personally I keep them in a small draw string pouch that fits all of the kegal toys that I currently have they are small enough that they don’t take up much space that way.

As for how these worked, I think I am personally going to be sticking to my Uno for a little while longer. I thought because I was turning 30 and that the Duo was recommended for those who are 30+ or who have had children that I might need them. Now I have not had children so I only really fit the 30+ though I am only a few months short of being 31 at this point. I found them to still be a little too much for me in size it almost feels too full and I am not able to keep them in for as long as I would my Uno with out having some kind of honest discomfort.  But this was my vagina, so yours might actually fit comfortably then it did as mine.

Below are the few toy shops that I happily support that carry the Duo (and Uno if you are interested!)

Good Vibrations * Early 2 Bed

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