Review: Liberator Flip Ramp

flip-ramp-velvish-grey-1_1_1I have never used any type of sex furniture before, only because I had been content with using what I had available to me. Be it a bed, couch, chair…it was there and that was all I really needed. So when I was contacted by Liberator and asked if I wanted to review a product of theirs in exchange for getting a the product for free, I was a little wary that I was going to find any use in it for a couple of reasons.

1)I had just moved back into my parents house.

2)I had no sexual partner.

But I wasn’t going to let that stop me even as I the Flip Ramp out of the very large cardboard box that it came from in the middle of the living room for all to see. I was rather lucky in getting a mother who is just as curious about things as I can be some times. For a few weeks it sat in my room, I would use it to sit on while writing or put my feet up on. A few times when friends came over none where aware that what they where sitting on was in fact something made to have sex on. Even my youngest cousin who knew very well what it was for enjoyed using it to lay on so she could play her video games. Really unless you where familiar with the Liberator brand, it was just a very comfy ottoman that folded up/out. Though it stayed that way for some time, again because I was living in my parents house and did not have much in the way of time to use it. Far to big, and really not made for the little room I was in…or my very small bed. Because while folded up it doesn’t take up too much room, when it is unfolded it takes up quite a bit more.


Lenght: 19″
Width: 18.5″
Height: 15″


Lenght: 37″
Width: 18.5″
Height: 12″ at the shortest/3″ at the tallest

2014-01-23 01.26.41

However in my quest to use this other than for normal around the house things I proceeded to attempt to use it while I was on cam. Testing out various positions for using while I was playing with my toys or just being comfortable while lounging and talking. Most of the positions worked, it was great for leaning back on when it was folded out into a ramp, allowing me just enough bend to use my toys with out the awkward leaning on one elbow that I sometimes have to do. It was also good for bending over to do anything from behind which is also another hard position sometimes for me. Keeping a lot of the weight off my knees and allowing me to be in it for longer.

For a girl of my size, I was worried at first that the foam blocks would not hold up. Thankfully that surprised me and it was very sturdy, at least when it is unfolded. For some reason when in its block form anyone over about 250 that I have had sat on it squashes it. But bending over it works just fine. I figure this has something to do with the distribution of the weight and all that lovely science stuff.

Clean up is also pretty easy. The microfiber is all one piece and is kept in by a single zipper. It slides right out and getting it back on is like sliding a pillow back into a case. It can be tossed right into the wash with your sheets so you don’t have to wash it separately. Only downside? Keep the foam pieces in a place where you don’t want them to pick up every hair while they are free of the cover. Cause they are lint and pet hair magnets.

Overall, I am a bit of a fan of it. I am sure that it will get far more use when I actually have a partner to use it with as that is what its intended purpose is, but for someone who uses it solo currently I am really surprised by the amount of use I can honestly get out of it. Again thank you for liberator for sending me the Flip Ramp in exchange for this honest and fair review.


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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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15 Responses to Review: Liberator Flip Ramp

  1. Heaven says:

    That is awesome. I need one of these for camming. I always sit on my bed sometimes it gets uncomfy. Glad you had a chance to use it even in a small place or without a partner and sounds like everyone else was comfy using it too.

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