Review: Tantus Anaconda

20130618_154503Oh the Anaconda, how long has it been since I have lusted after this lovely toy from Tantus? It was quite some time, after I had gotten my Goddess handle I knew that I wanted to eventually collect all of the handled dildos that Tantus carried and the Anaconda was the next on my list. As soon as I had it in my hot little hands, I knew two things. First, I was excited and second that my eyes where so much bigger then my vagina.

The Anaconda is a handled dildo made of 100% ultra-premium soft silicone. Which of course means that its hypoallergenic, hygienic, odorless, tasteless, boilable, dishwasher safe, and phthalate free. While I have seen some call it realistic, I find that its only really semi-realistic due to the shape of the head where it has the slight fold and bumps of an actual male penis mostly in the head and shaft of the toy.

2014-02-13 13.34.32


There are two finishes on the toy itself, the head having a more shine type finish and the shaft having a sort of matte finish that has a slight drag to it when it moves along the skin with out lubrication. There is also a slight raise through the design of the Anaconda that looks like veins, another thing that gives it its semi realistic look. I had thought that I might feel them, but for me the texture was not enough to make a difference in my use. Though the texture is not at all overwhelming so unless you are very sensitive to texture it should be fine for anyone to use.

Now, texture and such aside. Its the size of this dildo that is something that takes getting some serious use to. The total length of the toy is 11 1/2 inches, with 7 of that insertable and another 6 being the handle itself which makes it so very easy to hold on to for thrusting. Espically for a plus size girl like me, I find that I don’t have to bend in odd ways or my hand gets tired from holding on to an awkward base. But what did take some getting used to was the fact that this bad boy has a circumference of 5 3/4 inches and a diameter of 1 3/4th inches. Which for beginners or just those who are not used to toys with girth can be very hard to get used to. I actually found that I had to work myself up to this toy first using my Goddess or another dildo, and then eventually using the Anaconda. It was quite some time before I could just use this toy first. I also equated this to the fact that the insertable part of the toy is very dense and the silicone has very little give when squeezing down on it. Though thankfully the handle does not and is very comfortable to hold on to tightly if you find you need to. Now because of the handle on this toy it makes it totally safe for anal use as well, but I was not brave enough to try it myself.


There was one only real downside I found to this toy, and that was the shiny silicone head. That sucker is a serious lint and hair magnet. I find keeping some kind of wipe on hand to be a good idea so that you can wipe it down before use. I plan on honestly stitching up my own bag for this toy to keep it in when I am not using it in hopes of keeping the little bits a bay. Thankfully in-between uses I can also just toss it in the dishwasher or give it a good cleaning with a bit of hot water and some mild soap. Also as with any silicone toy, its best to stick to water based lube when playing or it could ruin the silicone of the toy itself.

Overall, I am rather in love with my Anaconda now that I have gotten used to its girth. It’s a great toy for people who enjoy girthy dildos or those who want to start to expand their size horizons. It is another Tantus toy that I am very happy to add to my ever growing collection of their toys.

Visit Tantus to pick up your own Anaconda or check out any of their other great silicone toys!

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One Response to Review: Tantus Anaconda

  1. Heaven says:

    I still have yet to get this one. I should before they vanish. It looks so cute chilling in the tree.

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