Review: Lust by Jopen L6

So when I see the words waterproof silicone rechargeable G-spot vibrator, I have to say that it raises my curiosity. So when Early to Bed asked if someone could review it, I was quick to raise my hand. I felt rather lucky to be sent it in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Upon getting it, I opened it up I was first shocked by the pink. On the sight it just seemed like a very matte bright pink but in person it was like a shocking neon pink. Even before I could use it, I of course knew I needed to charge it up. Which is where I ran into my first big problem. I couldn’t for the life of me FIND how to charge it. It just said…its in the bottom.

Goes in the middle, just right through it. That's easy to tell from this right?

Goes in the middle, just right through it. That’s easy to tell from this right?

As you can see, its not very clear save for a small divot in the bottom that really doesn’t look like it has a hole in the first place. But after some serious trial and error, I found you seriously just push it right into the bottom. Some how the bottom of it when your remove it stays water tight. It is interesting to say the least but I wish that the booklet had made it a little clearer. Though as it charged while connected to my lap top my roommates and internet friends who I shared it with had some great comments about it. Though my favorite quote was from The Boy after he saw a picture of it on my Instagram.

“That is the most feminine toy I have ever seen. It looks like a woman raising her hands to the gods thanking them for her orgasm.”

So once it was charged, I was finally able to test it out. There are 10 different settings, of course your normal high, med and low. But then you get into the different pulsations and patterns which can be fun. Though I find that I only really need the first three speeds. Also even though I could feel the vibrations in the handle it was not enough that it left my hand numb or buzzy after use. The buttons where easy to use having one-off button and then the on button which cycled through the different settings. I found that the petals where great for outer stimulation along the labia and clitoris the vibrations going through them. At the lower levels it was a nice slow tease but when I set it higher it was just the right amount of vibration to get me off. So I had high expectations for it for when I tested insertion.

Flexibility of 'petals'

Flexibility of ‘petals’

Sadly those were smashed quickly. Even with lube the two petal sides bow and slip around so they don’t really go in. When you push them apart its hard to hold them down so you can get the middle section in. Which when I finally did…it did not work with my anatomy. As a plus size woman I had just a bit too much cushion as it where, so the petals did nothing and the curved part hardly reached my g-spot to be of any use. It was disappointing honestly. For a slimmer girl this I am sure would work a lot better. I gave it one last attempt in the bath and shower one night to test the waterproof abilities, which holds up nicely. The vibrations don’t dampen much when underwater.

So for a toy that is made of high-grade silicone, is water proof and chargeable via USB cord I sadly did not really love. For outer and clitoral stimulation its great, but in the end it didn’t live up to what it was supposed to do for me.  This is the first toy from any of Jopen’s lines, so there is part of me that was really hoping it would live up to what I have heard about some of their toys from other reviewers. Hopefully it will work for others.

2014-02-07 17.06.30

Thank you again to Early to Bed for the chance to review this toy in exchange for my review. While they are not currently carrying this item, check them out for great toys and other awesome adult products online or at their store in Chicago.

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15 Responses to Review: Lust by Jopen L6

  1. Heaven says:

    This is such a cute toy. I feel your pain on not knowing how to charge this toy I had one the same way and after bugging realized I just had to push the charge part in and that is it. Sorry it did not do much for you.

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  10. Lilly says:

    THAT is a g-spot vibe?!? Wow. I would never have guess. It doesn’t look….right, I guess. Those petals would lead me to believe it’s an external vibe, they seem pretty irritating for use as an internal vibe. What a weird design!

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  14. searah says:

    Thanks for taking one for the team! : )

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