Review: Tantus Curve

Many know that I have had my Curve from Tantus for good length of time now, though I took down the review I had up as it was linked to the site which shall now not be named that I do not work for. So I thought I would take another look at the toy and write about it again! Even after all this time, it stood up to the other dildos I have gotten since then and is one of my ‘go to’ toys.

The Curve is of course made by Tantus inc of whom fills much of my collection of dildos. The one I received for review is a deep purple color known as Midnight Purple with a bit of a opalescent shimmer to it that shines under the light, even more so when it has a touch of lube on it. The texture to the touch with out lubrication is velvety and when holding it either in your hand by the base or shaft the silicone is quite firm to squeeze. Though it does have a good amount of bend to it so it’s not stiff.

Left: Tantus Curve Right: Siren

Left: Tantus Curve Right: Siren

The shape is of course curved, not by much but just enough that when inserted it hits the G-spot at just the right angle for me. Now it has never made me squirt or anything like that. But it provides the right amount of stimulation that I have found that I can use it without any clitoral stimulation which is a huge thing for me. Normally I must have not only a dildo but a vibrator of some kind as well.

6 1/2″ inches in length with 5 3/4″ of it insertable, the circumference around is 4 1/2″ so for me it is a perfect fit size wise. Not too big and not too small. The ridges are subtle but do provide a nice feeling during use, though of course if you prefer more texture then again you may wish another pick. The base is quite large, which lets it easily stand up on its own and makes it perfect for use with a harness if you have one. For my hand it was almost too large to hold on for use until I figured out the best way to hold it, though I did find that using it sitting up and riding it worked best for me when my hand was not up to par. I was able to use the slight ridge on the base to grind my clit against when I wish to stop thrusting too much with the toy. And of course because of the nice large base, it makes the Curve perfect for anal use as well. For me this is one of the few toys I enjoy using anally next to my Tantus Splish. Also I found that the ridges on the Curve were felt more during anal then when I used the toy vaginally. It seems that while my vagina could care less about texture, my ass rather likes it.


All the Tantus: Curve, Goddess Handle, Anaconda, Splash

The Curve was made to be used of course in a harness, and so it is O-ring compatible though I have read that it may not work with all harnesses. I could not test this function because I currently do not have a harness in my possession at this time. Something I clearly need to remedy.

Left: Tantus Curve Right: Siren

Left: Tantus Curve Right: Siren

Because it is made of high-quality silicone you do not want to use silicone base lubes with this toy, water based lubes are the best combination with Tantus toys I have found.  The best ways to clean the toy are boiling, cleaning with a 10% bleach solution and then soap and water. You can also put it on the top rack of your dishwasher to clean. You can also use wipes on it for quick clean up as the silicone is a huge hair/dust/lint magnet. I have taken to working on making drawstring bags for the toys that are like that.

The packaging that it is sent in is clear plastic box with a clam shell insert holding the toy inside. The box itself has information about care for your toy, information about materials and Tantus. Once it is out of the packaging its not the best for storage, but it can be recycled to that is always a plus.

As it seems to be the trend with most toys I have gotten from Tantus, I love The Curve. It is up there in my top 3 toys that I own. If you are able to get your hands on it I highly suggest doing so!

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  1. Heaven says:

    I like how the curve is on this. I am glad it is one of your top 3.

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