TMI Tuesday: Sexy Times

1. You walk into a party full of friends. One of them suddenly and quickly strips down naked. Which area of your naked friend’s body do you check out first?

Okay to be totally fair when it comes to answering this question, it would depend on which friend it was that suddenly decided to strip down. There are ones who I wouldn’t even sneak a peek at for respect of their significant others whom are also my friend and likely as this party. Though on most of my friends whom I know, it would likely be their behind, cause I have a thing for good-looking butts. 

2. Have you ever masturbated in bed when a platonic friend or relative was sleeping in the same room or bed?

I have though I won’t say what relative or friend could have been in the room. 

3. When was the first time you had a nocturnal orgasm aka a wet dream?
(Yes women have wet dreams read more…)

Some time in my teen years I would have to say, these days they are few and far between. Though I have been having them recently when my thoughts right before bed are very charged. 

4. Have you ever been caught naked by someone?

As someone who grew up in the theater, has had a large family and lived with many roommates. Yes I have. 

5. Think of your dearest friend, do you think they are sexy? Why or why not?

Well I mean, I dated my dearest friend for almost 3 years. So yeah I would say so. 

6. If you had no choice, how many days do you think you could abstain from sex including masturbation?

If I had no choice. Hell that is hard, I could go…maybe a week before I started to really want it, but would then just push myself another week to prove that I could handle it.

Bonus: What gets you wet faster, phone sex or sexting?

Sexting. Because for me its hot to know they are taking the time to write-up what is coming to their mind. Plus some phone sex that I have had has been blah because they have just kinda not done/said anything while it seems I do all the work.

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