Review: Hungry For More Romantic Fantasies for Women

hungry-for-moreHungry for More Romantic Fantasies for Women edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, is a book that I certainly shouldn’t have judged by its cover title is from Cleis Press’ new Tempted Romance lineup! From its name, I expected stories that where mostly centered around couples and perhaps a little kinky. Overly dramatic romantic situations, guy meets girl and the attraction is to hard for them to deny. I honestly just opened up the package and started reading with out checking out the back. So what I got was a simply wonderful surprise with each story that I could not put down.

The book itself is an anthology of 21 stories, each of them with their own twist. Yes a few of them certainly do stick with rather simple M/F parings, couples heating things up from the normal. But it wasn’t those stories that really stood out to me.

For me it was a lot of the F/F stories and ones with a hint of danger and kink that I was not expecting.

The first one to really draw me in was Craig’s List by Greta Christina. A very risqué story involving the main character getting herself more and more into the trill of doing something that I think many people have given the thought to, even if it was just a random one that we all have never truly acted on. Going through and meeting up with various people all of whom are total strangers to her on Craigslist, upping the ante with each of her games as she gets intoxicated with the trill. We follow her down the rabbit hole as she keeps answering ads or even putting up ones of her own. This was the first one that really pulled me in to the book as a whole and told me that what I was going to find in the rest of the book was certainly not what I had expected. The whole story was very extreme and wonderfully detailed, with an ending that leaves the mind wandering.

Then there was Kitchen Slut by Olivia Archer, even the title of this when I saw it in the front of the book made me want to skip right to it. Now I have always been a firm believer in, if it exists there is someone who has a kink for it. Which this story fully proved. There a kitchen utensils that I am not going to look at the same way every again, and funny enough in a good way! Though it also really showed that sometimes one isn’t alone in their kink of choice no matter how much they think they might be. There is luck that another person is going to be very open about sharing that kink together. Honestly this story was so hot and it showed a ton of imagination at the same time.

Finally the last that stood out to me was Red Lipstick by Erzabet Bishop, as well as being my favorite female/female story in the whole book. As a person who worked retail in the past, I knew fully and well about developing crushes on customers who would come in often. This story takes it to a mysterious level, with the main character being invited by her customer crush to step out of her comfort zone and into something more with her. For this one it was very erotic, but also amazingly sweet by the end of it that had me smiling ear to ear as well has being turned on as all get out. I could have read a whole story about the two characters featured here.

Now these of course are just my top three in the whole anthology that is Hungry for More as I really felt like I needed to narrow it down. But there was hardly a story that I didn’t enjoy from this whole book. There is something for everyone in this and even the ones that I didn’t think I would enjoy I was surprised by. Over all I totally enjoyed this book as I have all of the books that I have in my growing collection edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and from Cleis Press. I thank them both for giving me a chance to read and review this book in exchange for sending it too me! It is certainly one I am going to be picking up again and again!

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    Many thanks to Fox in the Flowers for a lovely review of my story “Red Lipstick” in Hungry for More. ❤

  2. Many thanks for such a wonderful review of my story, “Red Lipstick.” Retail does have its own mysteries doesn’t it. lol. ❤



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