Why Reviews Matter

Things have been quiet for me, I haven’t had much to talk about in the way of toys a few reviews I need to finish up that are forthcoming but at the moment I need to speak about an unfortunate interaction I had with a company.

In my time as a Cam Model sometimes I have clients who wish to gift me things. Well I have been going on about wanting a lovely tail plug. More specifically one of the plugs from Crystal Delights because holy hells are they pretty! Well, he wasn’t sold on them and instead asked if he could send me one he saw on another site. After checking it out at first I was pretty sold. It looked lovely and while there was some red flags on the site such as not listing out say measurements of the tail or anything like that. I said sure and he ordered it for me.

The tail mentioned above.

The tail mentioned above.

This was pretty good, I got the confirmation of the order rather quickly and then proceeded to wait. Almost a week and a half, not getting one word over what was going on. Which was odd because their site said that orders were filled with in 3 to 5 business days even with the weekend it had been over. So I contacted them on Fetlife where I had found a way to contact them and was told it would take about 10-15 days before my order was sent out. Okay. Strange.

But I waited doing what I could to soothe my client who thought I was using him for free things with out a pay out. Only to have it take past the 15 days and then find out…they had sent it to the wrong address. Now let me say the whole time I was in contact they where so nice. I have no issue with their customer service at all it was refreshing. My package finally came and I couldn’t be happier. Until I opened the package….


The tail which I thought was going to be full and plush like in the picture was so short and stubby. More shaped like a cat tail then a fox tail and no bigger than my head as you can see in the picture. Even when I tried to use it…the plug itself while small enough to fit was made of such hard silicone that it hurt like hell resting inside of me. The whole thing was just a mess and even my client was disappointed by it on cam.

This is why reviews and sites that have good reputations matter, when you know just what you are getting is going to be a quality product. I plan on holding out now for a tail plug that I know is going to be worth it because I know it was made well and has a number of satisfied customers, that being the ones from Crystal Delights and if you are looking for one I suggest that they are the first you look at in your search.


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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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One Response to Why Reviews Matter

  1. Heaven says:

    Wow sorry to hear that you did not get what your member paid for. I would have been so upset. I have a Crystal D toy I won in a giveaway, I had been dying to get my hand on one they have the best plugs out there. I hope you get one, one day of your own.

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