Review: We-Vibe Touch

I have never before gotten to try anything from We-Vibe, despite all of the great reviews I have heard of just about everything they have made! So when Good Vibrations gave me a chance to try the We-vibe Touch, in exchange for this review, I knew that I had to take it and run. Or really wait patiently for the mail to come and then run to my room.

Right out of the box the first thing I loved was the feeling of the matte silicone, which in a house with five cats, two dogs and 12 people means no lint or hair getting stuck to it! Plus so much easier to clean when it comes time to get all of that done.Gf-700x420

Then there is the shape of it, the rounded bottom sat perfectly in my hand during use and I could barely feel the vibrations in the bottom of it, they were all mostly located in the tapered top with the slightly scooped underside for a bit more broadened stimulation. Which while not my thing, was nice. I tend to be more of a direct stimulation type when it comes to my clit so it took just a little adjustment to make sure I got what I needed out of it.

31e++FLFzfL._SY355_The Touch itself has four levels of steady vibration that goes up, then four patterns (Tease, Pulse, Wave and Cha Cha). All of the vibrations are very rumbly and even on the highest setting stay that way. You only need to press a single button to turn on and cycle through the different settings. Turning it off is just holding down the button and it shuts down. Interesting fact, it stays at where you turned it off rather than when turning it back on starting the cycle all over. It is also super quiet, I share a room with 2 other people at this time and in my corner of the room even not under any blankets they couldn’t hear the vibrations on the highest settings. While the vibrations do get high, they never got high enough for me that I didn’t really achieve¬†orgasm without using another toy as I am more a fan of very high and slightly buzzy vibrations.

The only thing that drove me a little crazy was the charger! You see, it plugs in via USB and connects to the toy with two small magnet prongs. Which is nice but I found myself trying to make sure the Touch and its charger sat in just the right spot so it would all settle and actually charge. I had a few times where I let it settle for a while thinking it was doing its things. But, after 90 min (the time it needs to charge), I only got about 30 min of time out of it when I was expecting more like 2 hours. Which when testing it with other things in a window of time leaves one a little frustrated. But I have since learned how to make sure all is well in charger world so that I does get what it needs.

I strongly recommend making sure to charge it after every use. Because it will LET you know it needs it. The button on the bottom lights up, bright enough I could see it through the white silk bag the Touch is kept in. So really its best to just charge it.

Clean up is super easy at the Touch is fully waterproof so you only need soap and water or some kind of toy cleaner. But if you are looking to sanitize it, using a 10% bleach solution and rinse well is what you should do with it. Because it is made of silicone it is best to use water-based lubrication along with it, but I have been told some hybrid lubes work just as well.

Overall, if rumbly clitoral stimulation is what you are looking for this is the perfect toy for you. I know that I will end up using the Touch with a number of my other toys or even as a warm up to my more powerful toys in the future. Thank you again to Good Vibrations for sending it my way!


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