Erotica: Into The Woods

She walked deeper into the woods than she should have that day, where things got almost as dark as night because the trees had grown so thick that they hid even the noon day sun from sight. It left the air cool and almost damp that she had to pull the scarf around her more to keep the goosebumps from rising on her skin. For a moment she thought that she might be lost, the only thing that kept her on the right track was following the skills her father had taught her so that something like that didn’t happen. That was when she found something standing out between hidden under what seemed like overgrowth that stood out from the rest, it looked almost like dark stone.

Moving over to it she started to pull at the top layers, the fine vines that her hands could get to without too much effort. It wasn’t until she reached the second layer that she had to pull out her knife to get at the thicker vines covered in thorns, even being careful she cut and scratched at her hands. Before she got too tired she was able to get the flat part of the stone cleared off, it looked like roughly carved obsidian the white flecks in it an almost black red. An altar all the way out here? That didn’t make sense, who was it even too? She knew of all the other ones that laid around in the area but this one was new but seemed older than she knew. None of the markings made any sense to her. It wasn’t until she rested her bleeding hand on top of it that she realized it had been stained with old blood.

Her hand became warm as she looked at it and frowned.

“I’ll fix this. But I need something stronger for the thicker growth, I will find it and return. For now take this…my blood as a long overdue offering and a promise that it will be done.” She said looking around with a soft smile, perhaps it was naive to make such promises without knowing who she was making the promises with but she felt the small pull that she should. Trusting her gut had led her out this way, after all, there seemed no reason to stop yet.

She left with her promise hanging in the air, something watching her from all angles until she went too far and it slumbered again.

The next morning came and the girl ventured out, a basket in one hand and an axe over her shoulder figuring that the thick blade would make quick work of even the most stubborn of vines while barely scratching the stone if it touched it. She worked until she knew that noon approached, sitting down on the grassy ground with her basket and pulling out the food she as brought to give her the energy to continue her work. Carefully she broke off sizeable chunks, resting them on the altar with care on one of her scarfs even placing the water in its own glass while she drank from the skin. Seeing to her lunch it was not until she had finished that she looked up to find all of it gone leaving only the scarf having been folded nicely.

“You’re welcome…” She said softly to the air, the wind rustled through the trees in response. Smiling she continued until it started to grow even darker in the woods, speaking softly to the air around her. Not about anything specific, just the thoughts that came to her mind as she worked.
Being lost outside for so long in a place where no one seemed to come must make one lonely was her thought. But by the time she was done she had finished the work of getting everything cut off the altar and what seemed like a shrine attached. More things she could not understand carved into the stone that she traced her fingers over slowly noticing that it needed to be tended to with something to smooth it all out.

“I’ll return tomorrow, to clean this and make it shine even here in the darkness of the forest. And with even better than what you ate today.” She said making a second promise to the air, this time leaving the folded up scarf upon the altar. When she had left it’s sight it slipped from the darkness taking the scarf and taking in her scent with a pleased soft growl dancing through the air that sounded like it was just the wind to her ears.

On the third day, she brought water and cloth to clean the dirt and grime from where it had gotten through the vines. Working hard she scrubbed and cleaned, working on her hands and knees so long that she forgot her lunch until she reached the flat top of the altar and frowned.

“Just this last bit and then I must go, I know it grows late but I will leave you some I promise.” She said as she bent to reach the other end.

“I hunger not for food, but the offering you have laid across my altar now is more than fitting.” The girl heard behind her as everything grew dark. Large hands gripped her at her hips and pushed her down further onto the altar as she pushed herself back in surprise. Her knife with her bag she moved to try to use her fists to break her assailant’s grasp only to find herself held down by the back of her neck. Pressing her cheek into the cool stone that held her up and she whimpered as she felt the grip on her hip wandering, the wet air of the forest touching bare skin as her skirt was pulled and over her ass. It felt like sharp claws traced slowly over her skin making her shiver and letting out a cry as they ever so gently glided along her most sensitive spots making her let out a cry that she brought her mouth to her hand to hide.

“Don’t hide it little one, no one can hear you out here. Your sounds as much as your body will be perfect.” They said, thick fingers pressing between her lips and making her groan out as he found her body quickly preparing itself for him. His fingers started to move before she could make any verbal protests, still holding her down as he felt her wetness grow every time he buried them further into her. Her stomach grew warm and tight, her fight to push him away weakened. It was not as if she had not been touched like this before but she did not know why she was giving in so easily to them.

Her mind drifted as she became compliant and she felt the hand leave her neck to tangle fingers into her hair, they pulled hard with a growl and she let out a screaming moan into the darkness as she felt thickness penetrate her without stopping to pull back. Weight pushing into her hips as they used her hair like reins with a horse. Not a single word was spoken, the darkness around her growling and making sounds of pleasure as it took what it wanted.

Her own pleasure grew as she let out her own moans, hands clawing at the stone under her as she could hear flesh smacking against her own sharply. Her body almost acting on her own as she pushed herself back against him, making the thrusts into her even rougher. It let go of her neck to bring their claws back to her hips, but she did not move other than to push back, she could feel how much giving in made them hold her down less but she could not say that she did not enjoy the feeling of having been pinned. It made her stay where she had been put and she heard a pleased growl come from them as they took her harder.

Her moans filled the forest around the altar and for a moment she was sure she could be heard all the way back home just as her hair was grabbed to pull her up enough that the voice was strong in her ear.

“Cum for me…” It growled and a tongue trailed over her neck to her shoulder before biting down hard as teeth pierced her flesh. Her body eagerly listening to the order and her orgasm almost as blinding as the pain as the two mixed together, her screaming moans flowing from her throat like chaotic howling.

Then before she could react she felt the cool stone against her face again and she was waking up, her clothes a mess and it seemed that night had come. She had been laid on top of the altar and sat up, wincing in slight pain as her shoulder ached looking to find the bite healing and bruising. Getting to her feet she felt the weakness in her legs as they quivered, slowly gathering her things she took glances over to where she had woken up as what had happened replayed in her head. As she moved to leave she turned to look one more time and bit her lower lip.

“I’ll be back tomorrow…” She said softly, not to the air but the darkness instead and as she used what little strength she had left she ran home. Swearing that the laughter she heard was all in her head.

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