State of the Fox

Back during the summer, I was gearing up to get new reviews out things from Crystal Delights, Tantus and even the famed Womanizer! But life decided to get in my way you see. Throwing things off balance in the way that only 2016 has seemed to be able.

Around the time of my last post I started to feel super ill, stomach troubles. Mostly pain as it started to seem like maybe my appendix or just a not enough <blank> in my diet causing the issue. Weeks of this, of at least 3 trips to the ER before we discovered that in fact, it was not any of these things but my gallbladder. It went from being quite alright to BOOM 30% functional. When really it needs to be working at an optimal 70% according to the doctor who told me this little factoid. So I was going to get it removed,

So I was going to get it removed, surgury was going to be planned after the last ER visit and things were rolling to getting better. But my dear readers this can’t be a simple ending, of course not. Just a couple days after coming home from the ER and getting back to work. I am violently back in the ER because my gallbladder decides it is time to pick a fight with my pancras. Of course. So there I am Labor Day weekend, in the hospital waiting until Tuesday to get into surgury. It was frustrating to say the least.

Then a few months of recovery, trying to redeem myself at work and then get transfered to another job because holiday work is just bouncing from one thing to the next. This is where I have been, a muddle of just trying to get myself back in order. I think I am finally reaching a place where I can finally start doing this again. I have already taken the steps to retest toys so that I am not just trying to write about things that I half remembered.

So no deals or sales that I can push today, today I am just taking the time to be thinakful that I can keep doing this and to spend time with people. But soon I will be updating this whold damn thing like I promised months ago. So keep an eye out and I am so thankful also for those who have stuck around to keep reading my posts.


About scarletrosefox

A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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