Review: Womanizer Pro (W500)

img_20161202_180850What can I say about the Womanizer W500 that hasn’t seriously already been said before, I mean hell Buzzfeed recently did a whole YouTube video on it and I have to say all of the reactions in this are ones that I have had even with being someone who has used a significant number of toys! But I have to say that this one is like nothing I have ever used in my time of doing this before.

While I could go on about the name being cringe worthy, that has been also covered by many other bloggers. I will say I was happy not to get mine in pink with leopard prints as I find most of the designs they use garish, though I am happy they are not your standard pinks, purples and baby blues that most toys made for women seem to get. The Swarovski crystal element certainly made it fancy but when it comes down to what I am looking for in toys it is not a need, just a small bit of flair. For my hand I found the round design of the toy to be a little larger than what felt totally comfortable but it wasn’t something that took away from my overall experience with the Womanizer.

So let’s get into the experience itself. When you first turn the toy on the fact that there is no buzz or vibration is a little unsettling as you try to figure out just how it works. Seeing the tip glowing red it makes me raise an eyebrow, but it isn’t bright and when the lights are off it isn’t like a glowing beacon under my blankets as I move. Then as I put my finger over the tip I feel the soft, not quite suction feeling and as I turn it up to the highest intensity I have to wonder just how the hell I am going to get off.


The reason I wonder this is because so many things I have read including from the site for the Womanizer W500 is that it ‘mimics’  the feeling of oral sex. Which I surprisingly have not had a lot of with past partners and when I have it was never something I was comfortable with getting off during half the time. So I know I am already going into this with some pre-assumed feelings because I have never gotten off in under 3 minutes even with my Hitachi so how could this do the trick?

I still don’t know, after a little work at getting it settled on my clit, I laid back and after lubing it up I got it settled on my clit and then before I had even gotten that into the porn I was watching I was biting down on my lip as I came. Seriously, it was as intense as if I had been watching for the last 10 min and building up to it. But not too much that I couldn’t dive back in after a few seconds of catching my breath and do it a few more times until I was stopping myself so I wouldn’t make a mess of my bed right before my roommates came back. Even they saw the intense pleased glow about me after giving myself a number of orgasms. All I know is that this air touch/pulse air/wind kiss/touch less/pressure wave intimate stimulator as the company calls it, works it’s ass off in just a few moments.

Now the instructions say to use lube with it, but I also gave it a shot without because I had to know if it would make any sort of difference in when I did use lube. For me personally, I found I actually like it with out the lube added, for me, it gives a slightly rough feeling that feels like the smallest of pinches on my clit that I happen to find pleasurable.

As for the rest of the big plusses that the Womanizer W500 has going for it, it charges via USB, it comes with two tips for different sizes of clits so you can get the right kind of suction that you want and for me it was quiet which is a thing that I love in my toys because I do share a room with people at times.  Clean up was pretty easy as well, the tips come off and I found that all I needed to really use was a toothbrush with cleaner and hot water on the rest of it just to keep it all clean based on where the rest of the toy touches me during use. The air itself seems to cause all of the lube that I did use the first time to I suppose evaporate which was pretty neat, so nothing in that regard was left behind.  I think the only huge downside I had for it was that it is not splash/water proof because this is a toy that I would adore having in the shower if I could.

I wish that I could compare the Womanizer to any other toys but I can’t, there is literally nothing else like it that I have ever used or had used on me. All I have is my own experience to share with others that from what I can tell match up with so many other women who have gotten to get their hands on this toy.

The toy itself does hold a steep price, at as high as $219 depending on where you are looking. The company sells their product itself on their Amazon page in a number of different countries but you can also find it places like Good Vibrations or So you do have a number of places to look depending on who you prefer shopping with or your budget.



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