Review: Tantus Rumble

Okay, I am going to be super honest with you guys here, while I am a fan and love my Magic Wand, sometimes the intense vibration that it causes is not something that I am looking for at that moment. There are many reasons, be it I don’t want to get off that quickly, I just am sensitive to handle something so powerful or I just don’t want to deal with the cord at that moment. But I still want the coverage of a wand vibrator and not something as pinpoint as a clitoral vibrator. I had tried other wands but most of them still produced the buzzy feeling that was just not what I was looking for at that time.

Enter the Tantus Rumble! A super light weight and rumbly wand vibrator from the good folks at Tantus!

Tantus Rumble Credit: Britt

Compared to the other wands I have used I can easily use it with one hand without having to switch out. The handle is angled and allows me to rest my arm however I please. The head of the wand has a silicone top that is easy to remove so that you can clean it between uses.

Compared to the other wands I have used before the Rumble I can easily use it with one hand without having to switch out because I have gotten tired of holding it up. The handle is angled and allows me to rest my arm however I please. The head of the wand has a silicone top that is easy to remove so that you can clean it between uses and has an almost velvety texture that with or without lubrication does not irritate my sensitive skin.

With a micro USB charger, it means that for someone like me who has a bad habit of her chargers running off that I can use any cord and have it charged up. I can’t lie and say that I haven’t used both my phone charger and the charger for my Xbox One controller to charge the Rumble up. 7 whole settings from low to high intensity as well as different pulsations give some distinct variety when it comes to wand toys that often only have low and high to them. Plus the charge lasts for what seems like days to me so that I don’t have to worry about always having it charged it right before use.

Now I will be honest, I am a super fangirl for Tantus and often don’t have a lot of bad things to say when it comes to Tantus products. They have treated me and my sex life rather right over the last few years. But there are a few small things that stood out about the Rumble.

I did find the head of it to thicker than other wands and a little harder to place right on my clit so I find myself having to turn it on its side so that I just use the ridge of it rather than try to use the whole head.  Then there is the placing of the power button, it is at the top near the head of the wand. For where I hold it, I have turned it off on myself a couple of times from holding it too tightly which has caused a couple of ruined orgasms until I learned the best place to hold my hand not do cause that. Though I am curious to see how the other heads that Tantus now offers for the Rumble will change how I use the toy.

Right now I find the Rumble perfect for when I need that extra stimulation while playing with dildo. The toy is lightweight enough that I can settle it between my labia and then just use the toy I choose (which tends to be one the Tantus Handle toys). There are other times it is honestly just good by itself when I have the time for a long kind of lazy masturbation session where I can just lay in bed and enjoy the slow burn of some of my favorite erotica or a longer porn scene that I want to just really focus on it while enjoying getting off at the same time! I have looked back on when I have used this toy and most often I have used it on just the low setting more often than I have used it on the high setting.

The vibrations are just as the Rumble’s name states, rumbly. It can’t even make me sneeze when I put it to the nose test which is a first for most of the toys that I have in my collection. I can barely hear it when I have it on even on the highest setting which is nice and it becomes totally silent under the covers if you have to be worried about that sort of thing with roommates or kids. Though I have noticed that with the light weight design of the Rumble I have just let it then settle somewhere and I wake up the next morning with it tangled in my sheets along with me.

Cleaning the Rumble is super easy, I can remove the silicone top to wash with my other silicone toys. The rest of the toy I use a wipe to take care of anything that might be left, I found that with the top that I don’t have to take my trusty sex toy toothbrush to the nooks and crannies of the toy which saves me a lot of time.

Overall the Tantus Rumble has earned its place near my bedside with its super sleek design and function that I had not yet found in my other favorites.  One day I hope to get a chance to see how it fares with this three attachments the Convertable, Spoon, and Dorado which you can also pick up for it at Tantus.

Once gain I thank the good people at Tantus Inc for sending me their products to review in exchange for an honest review.

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