Top Fantasies Of May

I am not sure if it is because I am a writer or I just have an overactive imagination but at any given time I am thinking of something sexual at any given moment if someone were to ask me ‘Whatcha thinking?’

Half the time I don’t think I could answer you honestly because it would be some rather dirty or bawdy fantasy that I have been letting play out for the last few moments. I have gotten these out in someways playing out in my head while I am working on my reviews but often they get lost later on. When honestly, I know I could share them with all of you! Some months will have just a few while I am sure other months I will likely have to narrow the whole thing down, it all really depends on how my libido is choosing to act up.

So what has been on my mind this month?

1. Making Out

Okay so I know this seems pretty tame, but I cannot tell you the last time that I just…made out with someone. You know the kind of kissing where you don’t care if you get to the rest of it cause the kissing is just that damn good? Where you want to try every little thing that you have thought of when it comes to another person’s lips?

This one has had the most people in the other place. Be it people I know, people I have never met (actors/actresses) or fictional character. My mind has just kind of gone there. Trying to figure out what the texture would be like, would there be a lot of tongue? Biting? Hands in the hair? Hands just roaming? There are a lot of things that can happen during a good makeout session. Sometimes it leads to more but I have found the best never seem to get past hands and teasing. It is almost a tease to my other fantasies always making its way in there but I never know if it is going to go past it.

2.Stuffed Animals


No not like actually doing anything with my stuffed animals. But you see…I have quite the collection. Large ones, small ones but all soft and fluffy. If I allowed them to just settle on my bed it would cover the whole thing considerably.

But the thought has always been there of those rather innocent pieces of me being on my bed while I am face first in their plushness. With a number of things happening to me behind me. This fantasy has gone from making out, to spanking and of course just down right rough sex.

It also has this slight feeling of exhibitionism for me, because I am the kind of person that in my head my stuffed animals all have their own personalities and such. So it is almost as if being watched and adds just a hint of humiliation to the whole thing that gives me the best of shivers. It also really kind of puts me in a slightly ‘little’ headspace which is a thing I am exploring more and more lately but that is a whole other entry on its own.

3. Wearing a Plug to Work

I have done this one before, but now that I am working far more frequently at my current retail job outside of blogging the idea has come back fresh once more in my mind.


My shifts are not too long that it is unreasonable to wear certain plugs of mine for the whole shift. Plus there is the car ride there and back in which I get the reminder from sitting on it what I am going to be going through. That small hidden secret that every customer I interact with will have no idea about. Every time I have to move to grab something or brush past someone just enough that it is moved I am reminded about it, just as I was getting used to not remembering it was there. The whole idea is a rush to me and one I hope that I get to experience again.

So what has been on your mind? Do you find that you have your own that recur or different ones depending on the month, time, weather? Feel free to share!

About scarletrosefox

A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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