Review: We-Vibe Tango

I am one of those people who enjoy a lot of power in my sex toys, the more the better. For me, bullets don’t tend to cut it for power when they are working off a small battery and leave me needing to pull out one of my wand toys in order to get the job done.

That was NOT the case with the Tango from We-Vibe that Ignite sent me to review.

tango stairs

Now I have heard my fellow bloggers rave about the Tango and that is why I had to try it for myself. I have not been disappointed by it at all.

The bullet itself is made of slick (pink or blue) plastic and is only 3.5 inches in length. There is a slight flare at the bottom but not enough to be safe to use as any sort of anal toy the flare instead is great for when you insert it into a toy that can fit a bullet (width is O.7in). It has a slight lipstick shaped tip at one end for the ability to pinpoint the vibrations if you are using it solo. Though the vibrations run through the whole toy, it does when used on its own leave me with a little numb feeling from the High and Ultra vibration settings that I feel for a few moments after.

There are no batteries needed as it is chargeable via a magnetic USB charger. Which honestly is the only downside I have ever had with a We-vibe product. The charger if I have not set it perfectly I find does tend to slip if my table jostles or if one of the cats gets up there it easily pops off. However, I do like that it makes the toy waterproof, there for making it an option for a shower toy.

The Tango has 8 different vibration modes, 3 being your normal low-medium-high-ultra speed and the other 4 being different patterns. The 4 other patterns vary between a tease that starts strong and then tapers off before going back, a slow up and down the wave, a strong buzzing pulse and then the high high, low low low of a Cha Cha beat. It turns on and off just by tapping the soft button at the end where it also has the magnetic port, a simple soft silicone button that allows you to go through the different patterns.

The Tango is also super easy to clean just needing soap and warm water. It cannot, however, be totally disinfected other that wiping down with bleach if you choose cause you don’t want to boil it. Like with all We-Vibe toys it comes with a nice silk pouch to keep the cord and toy in when you aren’t using it, which I find also protects the toy from getting errant dust and hair on it when you aren’t using it.

So how did it work out for me?

I started off with the low setting like I do with all toys, and the low setting is pretty high for a low getting me off smoothly so I ramped it up bit by bit. The moment I put it on Ultra just to check I was a little intimidated but like any good reviewer I sucked it up and though I had already gotten off a few times I kept going. Holy shit it is like my Magic Wand has suddenly been pressed right to my clit I nearly had to pull it away but I wanted to ride it out. It surprised me how quickly I could get myself off using just a bullet. From that moment I knew two things I had found a toy that would go into my regular rotation and I had to know how it would fare when I got it into my bullet compatible toys!

box of toys

Tango and Assorted Tantus Toys

Now when the Tango is surrounded by super thick silicone it does muffle the vibration just a little bit but not by much. Even with some of my thickest Tantus toys, it brought a whole new ball game to toys that had once been relegated to just normal dildo use. The Tango has breathed new life into them. The thinner the dildo, however, the more power you get is what I found. My only caution is to put a drop or two of lube into the hole for the bullet, it will make it a million times easier to get the bullet back out of the toy!

Overall I am quite in love with the Tango from We-vibe. It has become for me a toy that is versatile for me. It has certainly made itself a nice little space in my top 5 toys that I think will stay in my favorites rotation.

Not only that but it was my new affiliate Ignite that sent me this toy in exchange for this review! They are a fantastic new site which makes sure that everything that they sell is going to be non-toxic, non-porous and body safe! It saves so much time from having to pour through other sites that might still stock toys that contain chemicals we wouldn’t put in our foods or other things but are in our toys that we still put in our bodies! They sell the Tango from We-Vibe as well as so many others, I suggest checking them out!

Also if you want 15 % off your next order put in ‘scarletrose’ at checkout with your next purchase from Ignite

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