Riskiest Places I Have Masturbated

Now, as someone who has tested many toys and enjoys using them, I have masturbated a lot. While I am pretty good with keeping it a bedroom activity there have been a few times that I have not been able to hold myself back that if I had gotten caught it would have been all sorts of bad. Thankfully, I have a place such as this to tell what are also excellent stories! All of these happened over the age of 18.



Okay, I know for a fact that a lot of people have done this. Yes, it is a very low risk with the ability to just slip off to the bathroom or even take advantage of a break to do this. But at one of my past jobs, it was a high risk.


You see it was a small Kinkos, which what they used to call FedEx Office, so small that the break room was only a closet. Seriously, only one person at a time could be in there but we hung up our things in it as well it was kind of cozy but also everyone had keys. But every now and then, I couldn’t help myself I would be back there bored on a break or wait to clock in because I had left super early because I was dealing with buses and trains for commuting to get around. The urge would just spring up and hell even a few times if it wasn’t for the fact that the lock was super sticky sometimes that gave me a few extra seconds to pull myself together so it wasn’t obvious they had just ruined my orgasm or totally blocked me from getting off. I knew if I did get caught it would likely end up getting me fired, but the risk was super hot at the time. Even led to a couple times having super quick phone sex with a now ex of mind. Since then I have not really done that given my last jobs there wasn’t a lot of privacy on break because of larger break rooms or going out for my lunch break.

The Train

I lived in Chicago or the area near it for a good chunk of my life and so I rode the train a lot especially when I was working downtown and had to commute there from the North Side. So I spent a lot of time on trains, which most of the time are packed to the brim with people who are doing the same. But every now and then, there was a chance that my favorite seat in the whole car was free and the car was also practically empty.


A few of these times, the vibrations of the train car and the wandering of my mind happened. I would find myself with that familiar itch and I had to do something about it. However, this had a few challenges, not only getting caught by people on the train but sometimes between stops while no one got on I didn’t want to risk being caught by someone on the platforms. So I would have to stop just before each stop, which in a round about way was my first introduction to edging even though I didn’t at the time have a name for it. Sometimes this lead to me having to do it later at work but a few rare times I had enough of a chance that I was able to have a super relaxing orgasm before I reached my final stop. It left me coming home in a good mood very often after a very stressful work day.

Random Game Sites 

This one starts with a bit of explanation, as a LARPer my games are often held at places that have given us the use of the space. This can be anywhere from a community center to art galleries. But a lot of the time I would get there super early and be all alone. It was very much a what can I get away with and also a lot of this was before smart phones, so I had to pass the time somehow. It didn’t happen too often as I really didn’t want to get caught by other players doing this. But the few times it happened I would have to say it was a rather decent orgasm, only due to the risk factor of actually getting caught. What makes this particularly interesting is I know one of the very first game sites that I did happen to do this in, was also frequently used on weekends we did not play for fetish events. it was one of the first places I ever saw a St. Andrew’s Cross in person though at the beginning I did not know what is it was. It is hard to think of myself as that innocent once.

Also if you have ever gamed with me and are for some reason reading this blog, guess you know this now!

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