Top Fantasies Of June

This month has been interesting, I didn’t get a lot in the way of review done though that is because of a small bit of fire in my house at the very start of June. But this didn’t stop my mind from wandering once it calmed the hell down, as much as it can after a fire. You would think being in a small hotel room with all of your people is not a deterrent for at least allowing my mind to mind to wander. Finding myself zoning out as I was skimming through Twitter/Tumblr before having a  ‘Well this turns me on today’ moment.


I work in retail, and sometimes we have interesting choices for setting up things around the store. This time some of the set ups had clothes pins holding up shirts. It looks pretty cool, but these clothespins have just sat in our back room. Which lead to me on my break just start to play with them. I knew what clamps felt like from experience on my skin, but I had never felt just simple wooden clothes pins.

Now I have watched many a video in which a female in the video will get strung with these all over her body with a string, only in the end to have them all zippered off. It looks intense, but I never thought I would enjoy it cause I figured the clothes pins were like clamps.

I was wrong. So wrong. I actually find the extended wear of wooden clothes pins to clamp more. I actually found myself having a few on my arm for at least 15 to 20 minutes, the pain was there but it was enjoyable. It only made me wonder what it would feel like on my nipples or even labia. I also had to wonder what it would feel like to have them zippered from, say my back or my thighs as they are both highly sensitive areas of my body. I also just really want to know what the marks left behind by them would look like. Might be a better thing to do during winter so I can wear long sleeves and leggings than shorts and tank tops out!


This isn’t a new one for me, I have mentioned it before in a few places here what with the fact I have reviewed Exotic-Erotics werewolf dildo in the past and have a torrid need for like half the things Bad Dragon stocks as well as a number of other fantasy shaped toys sellers that have newly crossed my path. I have even written at least one story that I have posted here that involve the shifting creatures. This is not including a lot of things I have kept privately.


But this last month the thought has been on my mind more and more, normally the person is able to assume the form of a human most of the time but can and does eagerly shift to a more hybrid form between both animal and person. But it is that danger of them being larger, stronger, less human and more primal that is the turn on more than the shape of the penis being used on me. It is growling through sharp teeth and even sharper claws that somehow aren’t tearing me apart but instead just teasing that edge of pain. It is being claimed and taken, hard and rough. Sometimes even with some force because waiting is not going to happen they have to have me now. I could go on for quite some time with these thoughts, so much smut has been written in my head and so much has also made it print from my fingers. I think it has to be the top 5 of my fantasies that I have, which one day I will compile.


This one is very new for me, well maybe not a new thought or thing that has been tried, but it is definitely a new one in the sense that I have regrown interest towards it after many years of avoiding it because I thought I could not do it.

But the new thoughts came about when I was informing my housemates that there is, in fact, an International Fisting Day. Which from that slowly had me looking things up more, watching videos that featured it in some way just because I suddenly had piqued my own interest again. I think the most I have ever gotten into me was about four fingers, not of my own but my partners. It is an amazing feeling, though the idea of anything more than that is a good kind of let’s see if we can push this boundary even if it is only for a moment. Because I know my body is likely capable of such thing, I just never have had the opportunity to really try it. That and in the past with getting as many as four fingers, I know I have enjoyed the feeling of fullness plus if my memory is correct those times have been the closest I have gotten to squirting without the need of being edged first. I have decided that it is a situation I likely would have to be tied down and gagged for, though I can also see the fun of being told to keep still especially if I didn’t what that would gain me in being reprimanded.

I am sure as the summer months get warmer I will likely have more things burning at my brain during long nights of trying to find sleep. Though, for now, this is what June has brought me. I hope that the start of your summer brings you some interesting fantasies that you can enjoy alone or with a partner!



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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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