Adventures In Camming: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Cam Work

I jumped into camming back when I was living in Houston a good bit after I started my blog I was in need of the extra money and I had all of these toys that I knew I could use for other reason rather than just review and in play with my at the time partner. I did very little research at the time and just dived in head first, while this wasn’t a great plan, it has now given me some wisdom that can hopefully be used to aid others.



Old picture from my cam days (I miss that bra)


Be Yourself

When I started, I tried to emulate others who already had a huge following or I knew got a lot of traffic. It helped but not as much as I would have liked nor as much as just, acting like myself did. I found that the people coming to the site would stay and chat longer with me and would bring a crowd that was far more likely to tip because I wasn’t having to compete with others who brought the same thing to the table. I spent a lot more time on cam building relationships with regulars who even when I would slip away for private shows would come back when I would return.

Go at Your Own Pace

Seriously, if you don’t think you are ready to offer half a million things, don’t. Not ready to have things like snapchat, KiK or even doing private skype sessions? Don’t. I mean it. It will only make you stressed because you will dread when you have to be on for it. If I had just stuck with the cammming, I would have become more comfortable over time I think, but because I just tried to do it all at once I rode myself absolutely ragged.

Don’t be Afraid to Say ‘No’

Some people are going to ask you for some odd things, things that might be outside the realm of what you are uncomfortable with doing. I found that even though I am plus sized, there was often a large group of clients who came to me for food related things. I struggled to fill those and eventually it is one of the things that drove me away from cam work in which I did requests. Cam girls are allowed to have limits and rules between you and your clients just like any other relationship. If they cannot consent to your rules and limits then don’t be afraid to say no, if they insist that is what a block button was made for. Don’t be afraid to use that either. Losing one person is not going to drive away all of your other clients.

Take Breaks

Sometimes I would work day and night, never getting out from behind my computer in order to try to make tips. People actually start to notice that and it actually drives people away. I would become tired and often run out of things to talk about. Taking breaks meant I could have a life outside of the camming, I could come back later and have things to talk about with my regulars who enjoyed coming to my room to just have chats between fun flashes or me reaching a public goal. When I was too tired I would also often get cranky and enjoy what I was doing less.

Don’t Get Involved

There are going to be guys who want to get to know you, that is great. But at the same time, they are going to want to treat this like an easy way to find a girlfriend. So many times I would find what I thought was an amazing client only to find out that they were trying to save me from having to do cam work. Or try to make a relationship past one on the computer online as a client and cam worker. I am the kind of worker who does give a Girlfriend Experience, but there is a very hard line where the experience ends and that is when I log off. Sometimes the client doesn’t understand that and will try to take it offline, remember to draw that line. It may seem harsh to have to one day block them as well, even if they are a great client but again leading them on in my opinion unless they have consented to that as well is just harsh.



Another Old Cam site Piture (From when I was shy about showing my face!)


In the end what it really comes down to is take care of yourself! Seriously, just because you are doing cam work doesn’t make you any less of a human being. Sure sometimes the people behind your chat room don’t feel that way, they think of you as just nameless pixels on a screen but never let yourself forget that. You are doing this because you enjoy, it doesn’t matter the reasons, you can enjoy it!

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