Kink of the Week: Getting Wet in the Rain

It has been so long since I participated in Kink of the Week! I had nearly forgotten it was around but I am so glad I have found it once more so I can participate!

I love the rain, I love storms. I have so many good memories of encounters during the rain.

That first kiss between me and the preacher’s son behind the church as the rain poured down in fat droplets. How I ran home that day my lips still quivering because I didn’t know what to do afterward.

Coming home to a warm shower after being caught in my first Texas downpour, my clothes being peeled from me. He had not been able to contain himself, I could hear the shower running and it stayed that way for quite a bit as I stood in the only spot that wasn’t covered in carpet. He didn’t want to get the whole place wet having.

Being pressed against a car as the rain started to us, lips on mine as we both didn’t want to go inside just yet. The rain started out so soft but it soon turned into a downpour that we ran from, the need for getting out of the rain only boosting our adrenaline more. The second we were upstairs in our rain drenched clothes he had me bent over the nearest thing because he couldn’t take it any longer and needed to have me.

The sound of a storm raging outside after it had cut out most of the power all around my apartment as I sat alone inside of it. The Thunder hard enough to shake the windows as I leaned back against the feet of the couch, letting my head fall back against the seats as the lightning crashed around me and I couldn’t help as I turned the toy up between my legs. Letting the energy of the whole storm wash over me as I came, the roar of the rain covering up my screams so that no one could hear my sounds of pleasure until I curled up on the floor no longer afraid of the torrent outside that was drawn to the feeling of the wetness pooling between my legs. Sated for now until the storm passed and I somehow found myself back in my bed, my window just slightly open as the stray bits of rain that was now coming in cooled me off due to the power in the whole building being out as I fell asleep.

There are more, and I always want to make more. I suppose it is a good thing that I moved to a place that has a distinct rainy season more often than the others I have lived in.

See what others are up to?

About scarletrosefox

A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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3 Responses to Kink of the Week: Getting Wet in the Rain

  1. Molly says:

    Welcome back to Kink of the Week. You write about getting wet in the rain in a way that makes me feel like I should be wrong about it but I think the difference is the climate. I think if I lived in a hot country then getting wet in the rain might be far more sexy, as it is, it is just plain cold and miserable


    Ps… are you on Twitter. If yes, can you please tweet at me so I can find you @mollysdailykiss

  2. Such erotic images you’ve written. 🙂

  3. sub-Bee says:

    This is exactly how I feel about rain, except we don’t get warm showers in the UK, or at least not warm enough showers for me. I need to go to Texas in the rainy season I think.

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