Review: Tantus Flurry O2

I swear I have been talking a lot about my g-spot lately when it comes to toys, it is almost as if I have been following a trend in the kind of orgasms I am trying to achieve! But once again I am back with a toy that was designed for just that duty and another one from Tantus because they seem to have quite the collection aimed at making that happen!


So what makes the Flurry O2 perfect for g-spot stimulation? Well, it is a few things!

First, let us talk about what it is made of! Like all Tantus toys it is made of 100% Silicone but instead of being a dense solid toy the Flurry has a firm core and a Super Soft™ outer core made of softer silicone giving it a more realistic feel during use to an actual penis. While it’s shape is, of course, phallic, it isn’t hyper realistic in that vein (see what I did there?) It also comes in two colors the sweet Candy pink and the purple-blue Twilight.

When it comes to how soft the Flurry is, I find this is best because it causes the head of the toy to have just a little more give when using much like during penetration with an actual penis. Dense toys depending on how hard the head is have always had a tendency to leave me with sore or even bruised cervix after use. I had none of those issues with the squish that the super soft outside provided. Also there are two ridges along the head that also have a bit of soft give to them, they are what is used for the g-spot stimulation and I find that with their softness they have just the right amount of drag and pressure against my g-spot that makes it easier to obtain that much sought after kind of orgasm for me. Though because of that slight drag, I do recommend a good amount of lube be used or it can kind of rub the wrong way if you are not wet enough.

20170721_171829The flared base makes it perfect for harness and anal play as well, I find the Flurry O2 to actually be the toy I prefer most for anal because of the super soft feeling of the outer core. It allows me to be able to relax around the toy and let my muscles actually do some of the work. The only thing I wish was that the Flurry O2 was like the Dutchess and had the ability to mount it via a suction up accessory that would be amazing honestly to be able to use it hands-free plus the colors just match along with my bathroom quite nicely.

Now the question is, did it give me the orgasm I wanted? Yes and no. I found that the Flurry O2 did cause me to have a bit of a wetter orgasm but did not cause the kind of gushing I have had in the past. However, I think that it could have produced it if I was not just using it solo, someone else using it would likely have had the power needed to cause the results I wanted.

Overall, the Flurry O2 is a super aesthetically pleasing toy that is also a joy to use. I would recommend it for people who need a toy that is not as dense as other dildos on the market might be, for who enjoy a toy that feels like a penis with out resorting to toys made out of non-body safe materials trying to feel like an actual penis and for those who love g-spot stimulation!

Thank you from Tantus for sending me this lovely toy in exchange for this review!

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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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