Review: Tantus Vibrating Vamp

I remember when I first saw the Vamp, I was living in Houston at the time and I was knee deep in the height of the Twilight phase of life. I wasn’t a fan of the series myself but I happened to have a cousin who was a huge fan, so the second I saw it I was sending it to her. Hell, a few years later I ended up getting her one to replace the rubber/jelly toys that she had. But I never actually had the chance to try it myself until I was able to score myself one from an awesome Grab Bag at Tantus.

Now the way mine differs from my cousins is that the Grab Bag has the option for the Vibrating Vamp. Because I personally need vibration in order to achieve orgasm. So while the price is just a little higher than your normal Vamp, I find it is well worth it to spend that little extra. Also, that meant it would come in a nifty surprise color, mine ended up being very flesh like rather than anything with a sparkle so I think that made it even better for me in the long run.


The specs on the Vamp vs. The Vibrating Vamp are both the same in length (7″), Shaft Diameter (1.7″) and Max Diameter (1.75″). The honest to goodness only difference is the fact that one is a standard dildo and the other has the ability to insert a bullet vibrator. Tantus is also wonderful enough to include a vibe with it, which really is what the add on to the price is for.



Vibrating Vamp and Tango: BBFs 4 Life

The Vibrating Vamp itself I found is very smooth, the only real bump being the ridge of the head which is nice not only against my clit but when inserting it I found hits right against my g-spot really well. The funny thing was that I found it so dense that it was almost too firm to be comfortable for extended use but also that with the bullet that Tantus provides that it was not enough vibration to get me off unless I was stimulating myself in other manners. But when I switched out the normal vibe for my Tango it opened it up to be just the right kind of toy for me that it has become the second toy to get me to have an orgasm in which I ejaculate. Which has only happened with a few other toys or if I have edged myself to a very specific point. Though I am of the opinion that if I ever get a chance to try the Vamp Super Soft as a dildo alone it may have the right density and texture to do it without the vibration like the Flurry O2 to bring me to the same level of orgasm just without the vibration.


Because this is a grab bag toy, there was just one small sort of imperfection with it, which can happen with them. A simple sort of bubble that is right in the head, I checked it to make sure it wasn’t going to tear before use and through many uses it has not even so much as started to look like it will. I cannot feel it when I am using the Vibrating Vamp so honestly, it really isn’t that much of a bother to me.

20170721_171453Overall the Vibrating Vamp from Tantus is made of 100% silicone so it is body safe as always and is a total dream for me to use. Like all the Tantus toys that I rave about. It is perfect for when I am in need of a toy that feels close an actual penis, but still smooth enough that I am not intimidated by veins, bulges and other additions that might have been made. My only real qualm with it is the density, but that can be easily remedied with just changing the bullet out for one that is powerful enough for me! But that is the great thing, it will fit from what I can tell most slender bullets with just a touch of lube to make sure it doesn’t get stuck.



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