Top Fantasies of July

This month has been up and down for me, I started in a new position at my job so it has led to more hours than I spend there and less than I spend at home. Now has that kept me from my naughty day dreaming? Hardly! When most of your shifts are opening and you have only your own mind for any kind of company between customers, it is certain that a few dirty thoughts will slip through the cracks of paper work and other tasks.




I couldn’t help myself using this.


There have been a few times in my life that I have toyed with denial play. Though it has been back in my mind a few times the last few weeks. This may have been because I have been thinking a lot about edging as well and for me, those two things go hand in hand. I like my denial to come with a lot of teasing and that the orgasm at the end is the reward for waiting so long as well as being a good girl in taking all of that teasing be it a few hours or a few weeks. When I say teasing, I mean both mentally and physically. From being touched in ways they know will only amp up what I want to lengthy messages about how much I need it. Mental games always add a certain level of wonderfulness to my fantasies.



Pet Play


This one is a little complicated, you see when it comes to pet play while it is a fantasy I also have a lot of limits about it. For me the fantasy is nice when it comes to wearing my ears and tail, not having to make any kind of true decisions and of course being pet. A lot of it that I am not up for is things like restricting my bathroom use or eating out of a bowl. There is part of me that is curious about doing things like binding one’s hands so that you lose the use of the digits, but I would have to see how that feels in the moment. Another thing I find that brings me curious thoughts is losing my ability to speak, animal sounds are of course okay but not actual words like a human. I think this one comes from the fact that most days, I am at work doing the retail thing I have to talk to everyone who comes in. A period of time that I am required not to speak sounds like absolute heaven to me.

What about you? What have your muggy July nights (or day) been filled with thoughts of? Or have there been ones you have been able to fulfill! Feel free to share in the comments! I’ll check back in with you in August for what has filled my head next!

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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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