Top Fantasies of August

My thoughts this month have been devoted to some heavy things. I have been thinking and writing more about a lot of personal things pertaining to sex and relationships in my life with not much time towards the more naughty and pleasurable things. Though this doesn’t mean I am going to leave you empty handed because there does happen to be at least one thing I had on my mind.

Being Gagged

I have written extensively about gags here on my blog, from the types of gags and of course safety with gags! But I have actually never written about my fantasies with gags. Now I have only used a simple ball gag and improvised ones in the past, but I have grown to have an appreciation for them. The way they muffle the sounds that I make, the way they make my mouth water even more than normal when I have one in. I would often use them during cam to keep my sounds quiet so that I didn’t wake my roommates and it certainly was a draw that brought people into my room. Because who isn’t going to be a little intrigued by a girl on cam where you are expected to be slightly talkative to be gagged? Watching me struggle to not drool all over myself and perform what I was being tipped to do. It was quite the rush for me as well when I think back on it.

Though surprisingly enough, I have only been gagged by a partner once. It was totally improvised and happened in the spur of the moment when we had people sleeping on our couch in the living room. Panties shoved in my mouth with his hand over them, doing everything he could to keep me from waking them.


Plus, if we are being honest here my mouth does look rather nice wrapped around a ball gag. Though I would not be opposed to trying others one day. I have my eye on a lovely O ring gag that I feel would likely be even better with how wet my mouth ends up getting in that state. But I certainly wouldn’t turn down trying others, there are just so many choices which are another thing I have written about in the past. I mean really I just like putting things in my mouth, and gags just seem to help fill that space when I don’t have anything else!

Autumn approaches, so let’s see what the next few months will bring with fall weather and Halloween coming up! I am sure I will have no drought of sources for some fun fantasies if we are lucky!

About scarletrosefox

A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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