Review: The Butters

The Butters is a lube made by Jerome Stuart Nichols, who also makes his own line of natural bath and body products. The Butters is no different as it is an all-natural oil-based lubricant. The ingredients are super simple aloe vera gel, raw shea butter*, pure coconut oil, pure extra virgin olive oil, pure grapeseed oil, pure palm kernel oil*, pure soy lipid emulsion*, apple cider vinegar, and guar bean powder.ToastandButter

Each ingredient is picked because of beneficial properties that they have. Aloe provides pure, easy to absorb moisture. coconut and grapeseed oil give your skin essential vitamins and lipids while offering immediate lubrication. Shea, palm, and soy condition tissues melt into slick long lasting lubrication and offer healing properties for delicate areas. Apple cider vinegar balances pH manages bacteria, prevents yeast infections, and gently cleanses. Guar gum conditions, adds body, prevents drips, increases the feeling of softness, and helps mix any lubrication your body makes with The Butters. All of this makes it 100% vegan, edible, wheat/gluten free, users with vaginas report less UTIs and yeast infections.

Because of these facts alone, I knew I had to try it. I am always looking for something with more natural ingredients because I want to keep my sex life as body safe as possible. So I jumped at the chance to review it.

So what did I think?

This just might be my new favorite lube to use! That is not something that I say lightly as I have been in love with lubes before such as Silquid. But there is just something about The Butters that it has become my preferred lube during masturbation and toy testing. I love the way it leaves my skin feeling afterward, I am almost certain that after such extensive use I have certainly moisturized my vulva quite a bit and even my pubic hair feels softer from use. As a former worker of a very popular bath and body store, I am very familiar with the benefits of the ingredients that have been chosen. Many of them are in those expensive lotions and I would be a liar if I said that I hadn’t used at least one of them in the past for the purposes of lubrication during my moisturizing after a long bath.

OpenButtersIt worked so nicely with my natural wetness that I felt like it just added to what I was already creating without being different from how my natural wetness feels. This was a wonderful feeling because sometimes I actually dislike the gel feeling of lines.

Also, I need to talk about the taste! Perhaps a little strange but I am the kind of person who will sometimes suck on my fingers during masturbation or sex. I was pleasantly pleased to find that it seemed to give my natural taste a bit of a boost and almost made it taste like kettle cooked popcorn. But there is, of course, no sugar and I realized The Butters enhanced my natural sweetness from what I could tell. But it was a surprise I wasn’t quite expecting.

The Butters has become a staple of my bedside table, while I may keep a bevy of lubes at my disposal not only for myself but my partners as well, this one will be my go-to before I pick anything else. But not only will I have it at my bedside, I will be sure to keep my smaller samples in my bag as it works as a wonderful balm for my lips as well as to get the fine flyaway hairs I sometimes get. The Butters is hands down for me one of the best organic lubes.

Thank you, Jerome Stuart Nichols, for sending me The Butters in exchange for this unbiased review. Be sure to check out The Butters and the other amazing organic bath and body products that he handmakes!

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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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