Fantasies of September

Autumn is here and there is so much going on, enjoying the change of season, questioning how it can still be so warm (woo climate change!) and of course preparing for Halloween.

While this month has not been a slow one for me in the way of fantasizing, but they all have centered around one main theme.

The St. Andrew’s Cross



Picture courtesy of Violet (A Poly Princess


It all started when Violet from A Poly Princess posted her cam room set up for play parties on her Twitter and laid my eyes on hers. I was in awe of it and suddenly remembering how much of a love I have for this particular bit of furniture. I remember the first time I saw one, in the same building I would go to LARP in they also held private play parties. It was taller than me and bright red, I used to enjoy leaning back against it. It was sturdy and so comfortable. Though I never got to use it for its true purpose, it sparked so many thoughts of all the things that could be done.

Those same thoughts floated back to my mind seeing the picture. Just the idea of getting to be attached to the arms and legs of the cross, not able to move. Blindfolded, gagged or even totally deprived of senses. Then what could be done to me! Flogged, spanked, caned, tickled, any number of toys could be used and of course, if the angle is right fucked. They are all the same thoughts I had long ago when I first saw that simple cross made of wood and stained a deep shade of red. I look back and wish that younger me had been a little braver about what she really wanted. Though I know that in the place I am at now, I am certainly in a better headspace to handle it. The possibilities are pretty endless at least to my very kinky brain. I have even started thinking about how I can fit one into my own room because it has basically become like a few other things something I need to have one day. Because honestly, I don’t have enough things in my life that I can be tied to in any fashion. Which to my newly awakening libido is a very inconvenient thing and I must remedy it quickly.

So now, of course, I am looking at so many from Etsy to Stockroom. I have even been looking into just being like, maybe I should make my own, I do know quite a few people who work with wood so it wouldn’t even be a strange request. It is very clear that I have started myself down what could turn into an adventure. Also, rather certain that none of my housemates would be sad to me obtaining one either. If this particular adventure gets off the ground beyond my internet window shopping, I am quite certain you will all get to enjoy my chronicling about it and what comes after I have obtained it.

About scarletrosefox

A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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