Fantasies of October

Autumn finally started for me in October, the weather finally started to get cooler as the end of the month drew closer. My thoughts have certainly been keeping me warm as I have gotten a few new toys to test in the mail from my newest affiliate SheVibe that I cannot wait to get done reviewing!

I got another tattoo this Friday the 13th, I am not one who can resist the sirens call of the needles in my flesh. It reminded me of how cathartic pain can be for me, a few hours before that I had been having the worst day. Dealing with a manager who was blaming me for outside issues that had nothing to do with our job, said job just being super toxic and me needing to get out of the situation. It left me nearly crying it was so bad.



Rather simple black cat, but a check mark on my tattoo bucket list. (Taken only a small time after getting)

But then I was in the artist’s chair waiting for the buzz of the gun and as the first lines were started everything slipped away from me. The pain shot through my body and I felt like I could finally relax. I closed my eyes and just let the stress go away, afterward I strode home feeling better than I had in weeks.

I’m Just a Sucker for Pain

It reminded me how much I not only enjoy pain but how much I actually need it sometimes. So this, of course, leads to many of my masturbatory thoughts to be of pain, which after last month with the St Andrew’s Cross, is no surprise that they often met in the middle. It has me missing past bruises that I have received, ones that still have lingering spots where the marks didn’t quite fade but that I wish I could see blossom to life again. Then, of course, new and interesting ones as I browse through impact toys on various sites wondering just what would pique my interest. Though I think the one that has my attention currently is the Lollie Crop from Stockroom. I just feel like it would leave the most perfect round marks on my skin. I have used other interesting paddles in the past like the Jack Boot which while I have since gifted to a good friend on his foray into his first power dynamic still has left quite an imprint on my mind. I have even been looking back into nipple clamps after digging through what I had to use for a girls night sleepover when building our blanket fort. It was a moment of, I really would like to get more in my collection, but with the shape of my nipples, I am always disappointed with how they fit until I saw the Spartacus Adjustable Press Clamps. I have to say I am intrigued with how they could fit.

Each thing I think about only fuels me more, hopefully, I can get back into the swing of things with a few reviews I still have pending for a few impact toys soon. So what dear readers have filled your thoughts this last month? Or do you have a favorite sensation/impact toy you think I should know about? Feel free to share in the comments!


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