Guest Review: Vedo Cowboy

Today’s post is brought to you not by me, but by one of the people in my Poly Family Circle as I like to call it. Sage Lior came to me looking for advice on a toy and I, of course, directed him to SheVibe where we found him what he was looking for but didn’t have to get it from a company that I couldn’t recommend. He was awesome enough to write up this review! While I did do some minor edits, these are his words.

The Cowboy is a vibrating prostate massager made by Vedo.  The Cowboy is rechargeable, has a dual motor stimulator delivering stimulation to both the prostate and perineum simultaneously. Made from silicone, this toy is easy to care for and has 10 functions and two independent remote controlled motors (remote does need batteries).

The Numbers

  • Length: 6.5″
  • Insertable Length: 4″
  • Width: 1.1″ at largest point

Vedo Resting in Sage’s Hand

So what did he think?

So first impressions. About the Cowboy itself, it is, of course, made of made out of silicone but also includes a pleasant, soft touch to it. Along with the remote, there is a power button on the device, and also sports a self-healing port to plug in the USB charge cord. The device is made to be shower friendly which is why the port is made like this.


The device came without a charge. Which brings me to my first issue with the product as a whole. You will see the foldable brochure that advertises all of their models, as well as the card explaining how the remote functions, but has no instructions for the device itself of any kind but included, were instructions for their silicone cock rings, which suggests the possibility that the wrong brochure accompanied the device. I would have at least appreciated a time frame in which the device took to charge. The device is simple enough but I found it perplexing.


Vedo (Left) and IMG G-spot Vibe (Right)

First and foremost I am going to praise its shape. As you will see in the picture, the device the black one on the right consists only of one primary phallus. It is curved ergonomically for a prostate massager, but what occurs every time is the toy will rotate while it is inside and the curve will either be sideways or in reverse, not allowing the vibrations to reach the prostate as well. On the Cowboy, you will see that it also includes a second point which is to press against the perineum and also includes a motor inside. Just this design alone should ensure that once the toy is inserted it should STAY IN PLACE, allowing the vibrations to pinpoint where it is intended.

Now for the power. This is certainly the most powerful vibrator I’ve had for an anal toy. The 10 setting include your normal 3 degrees of power, then into the various rhythms & speeds.

This toy did everything I wanted and more. It was smooth going in, was extremely comfortable, and stayed in place. I was able to use it in multiple positions. The ring on the end was an excellent touch, making being able to move the toy how you liked much easier. The remote needs to be a bit close to the toy, but it was no strain to get the remote to reach. The vibration strength was the best I’ve ever had, though I personally would like to find something a bit stronger. I highly recommend this product for all levels of experience. Also, there is a Cowgirl model as well that appears to be the same principal with minor adjustments.


The Cowboy by Vedo can be gotten at Shevibe in blue and black, both $49. Thank you to Sage for the excellent review!


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