Share our Shit: Things You Should Check Out

With Social Media hiding our content from you, those of us who blog have started Share our Shit Saturday. So I am taking my own time on Saturdays to do a small round-up of things I read from my fellow Bloggers that made me think, caught my eye, or even turned me on! Make sure to check out #SoSS on Twitter and if you enjoy any of this work and of course the things I write here please share them! We cannot continue to get our words out there and make sure we are helping others if our words are being hidden by algorithms and shadowbans. This will also include some links to a few podcasts that also dropped this week that I listened to!

Girly Juice – On Taking Men’s Money

It took me a long time to get comfortable with demanding what I was owed when I was working as a Cam Girl. Now that I am working on going back to that in order to help my income this post by Kate Sloan was something that I needed to hear. It also helped in motivating me to keep pushing when it comes to this blog as I try to continue my work.

Formidable Femme – How Social Media is Silencing the Sex Industry

Sarah does a wonderful job of breaking down just what is happening in social media right now with the four biggest platforms that are starting to silence us. If you know of others are curious this and the next article are the top two to share.

Hedonish – Social Media’s War on Sex Education

Hedonish covers in this the importance of the sexual education that we as bloggers provide. She breaks down the numbers about sexual education in the US and just how much we need to be able to get our words out to the rest of the internet.

The Pageist – Episode 067: Jealousy Survival Guide

I have gotten back into listening to podcasts regularly and this review from The Pageist helped me find a book I was lucky enough to grab for free. With Polyamory being something that is new to me, I jump on every bit of help I can get in being a better partner especially when it comes to my jealousy. I knew this book would be great for me after reading this review and you might as well!

There you go for this week! Be sure to check out the hashtag SoSS on twitter today for more roundups and tweets of more great content that we have!


About scarletrosefox

A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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