Review: NoMoreWetSpot Blanket

The NoMoreWetSpot Blanket is a waterproof fleece blanket that is also reversible. NoMoreWetSpot sells their blankets in three sizes. The mini which is 30″ x 6″, their basic size that comes in 50″ x 60″ and their Jumbo which comes in at 5′ X 7’ft. The blankets themselves are double sided waterproof fleece and come in a couple of color selections. While I was sent the black/tan, there is also black/red and aqua/purple so you can make them match your bedroom or playroom if you so wish.

The blanket is lightweight coming in at under 1.5lbs so it will not feel like you are lugging it around and is easily foldable so it can be stored when not being used in a closet or drawer. Though I think it looks nice enough to be left out as well you will never know when you might need one.

blanket and toys

Because both sides are made of the same material you can also easily with its size fold it over once one side it used to have a second. The size allows for you to still have enough blanket as you really only need to make sure it is under your hips but you can really drape it however you need it for whatever position you may be using.

What did I think of it?

First things first, this blanket got wet from the firemen who brought up the hose that had to be fired out one of my bedroom windows. And I don’t mean a little wet, I knew it was not only holding some of the water but keeping a lot of it from having soaked through. This was before I even had a chance to use the blanket! Oh, how I wish that kind of had happened not because of the firemen being there for an actual fire….or with an actual hose. Another non-sexual use I found for it was resting it on my pillows when my hair was drying if I had to get to sleep quickly after a shower.


But this blanket has become a staple in my every day, as someone who reviews toys I never know what kind of orgasm I am going to end up having when I am testing. Or I know for certain the kind and well it means that I am not having to constantly wash my sheets every night.


Beading Water Blanket

Beading water droplets on blanket (click to expand)

I have tested it with water, lube (water and silicone based), and of course bodily fluids and with each, they soak into the blanket but don’t soak through. In the case of water and lube, some of it soaked into the blanket but I found that often if it was just a sprinkle it actually beaded up on top of the blanket. Also, I like that both sides are made with the waterproof fleece which allows me to turn it over and use it a second time before tossing it into the wash.


In the wash it cleans easily with all of my other sheets, the only thing I choose to do differently with it is I will let it air dry. I find personally it keeps the fleece soft to the touch. Though straight from the dryer it is very cozy as well as I have even used it just as an extra blanket at night.

Overy all the NoMoreWetSpot Blanket is a fantastic alternative to higher priced blankets out on the market. It does exactly as needed and looks good in any bedroom or play space.

You can get the NoMoreWetSpot blanket on their website starting at $35 dollars and go up to 98 for their Jumbo. Thank you NoMoreWetSpot for sending me the basic blanket to try in exchange for this review!

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