Review: Sola Cue

When it comes to G-spot toys, I have stuck with ones that are not particularly made for vibration outside of my Tantus Vibrating Vamp. But I am always on this journey to find toys that will achieve what is the hardest of orgasms for me to have without a partner.

Enter the Sola Cue with its 5 speeds and 5 vibrations, made of silicone and is 100% waterproof. Wait that isn’t all, this sleek blue vibrator is also rechargeable. It comes with both a USB compatible cord and an AC adaptor. The platinum cured silicone has a satin finish that is smooth to the touch and the shape fits in the hand allowing access to the simple two-button system that allows you to rotate between speeds and settings. Boasting one of the most powerful motors on the market with deep rumbly vibrations that I was ready to put to the test.

Sola Cue Flowers

The Numbers

  • Length: 8 inches (overall)
  • Insertable Length: 5 inches
  • Width: 1.5 inches (tip)
  • 1.125 inches (shaft)
  • 1.5 inches (base)

So What did I think?

For the short version of this, please see this twitter thread between myself and C.Poly of Poly Love & Sex.

In all seriousness, holy shit! From the first test, I was blown away by the Sola Cue! With a vibrator, I tend to warm up by testing out the vibration on my clit. The first things I notice was yes, it was a nice deep rumbling vibration and moving from low to high only changed how intense of a rumble it was. Pressing it against my clitoris was amazing because of how the bulb-shaped head rested against my body I could feel it stimulating not only the surface but deep along the body of my clit. This alone gave me an orgasm and had me eager to see what happened when I tried it against my g-spot. But with the shape of the Sola and the slight bend that it has in the middle I was able to not only stimulate my g-spot but also rest it in such a way I was still getting clitoral stimulation.

Now you cannot fully bend it so this trick won’t work for all bodies. You want to stop bending when you feel any kind of resistance because you do not want to break the toy.

So then I broke out some of my toys for clitoral stimulation. It worked well with my Tango, Womanizer and Satisfyer Penguin Pro. This allowed me to bend the Sola Cue the other way so that I could add more pressure to my g-spot while it wasn’t a lot it left me with far wetter orgasms than I normally have with anything that isn’t the Pure Wand. Which when I experienced this, I had to grab my steel darling and put the two together.


Pure Sola

Sola Cue and Njoy Pure Wand. Like Peanut Butter and jelly! 


I used the Sola Cue as warm up, letting the rumbling vibrations relax my g-spot and prep it for what was about to happen. The cool smooth metal of the Pure Wand just teasing my clit knowing that the warmth of the Sola Cue when I switch them would be a pleasant change in temperature. By the end of this morning masturbation session, my legs were weak and I was thankful for the fluid-proof blanket I had the forethought to put under me before I started. Even with the Pure Wand alone, it is almost impossible to make myself ejaculate at all, but this combination did what I have only been able to do with one of my current partners. It isn’t the kind of orgasm I can take all the time, but it is by far one of my favorites.

I could go on about how many other toys that this pairs well with, cause I feel like I would be keeping this toy in the testing phase forever. Instead, if you pick it up seriously, grab a handful of your own toys and find what works for you! Each combination has been different for me and I have enjoyed everyone one. Seriously, I gushed multiple times on my twitter about it and will no doubt have more to say there from time to time when I find new things!

The only real downside I had with the toy was the placement of the buttons, the end is where my hand tends to rest during use and sometimes when my grip was a bit hard I turned it off on myself due to how flush the buttons happen to be. But I just learned to adjust my hand little after some use and it was no longer a problem for me.

So if you are a fan of deep rumbly vibrations, internally or even clitorally the Sola Cue is for you. It can be grabbed at Shevibe for $92 and ships for free! Thank you to Shevibe for sending me this in exchange for this review.

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