State of the Fox: Season of the Witch

2017 has left us and 2018 has just started, but I have been up to some things you see. I know I have been kind of quite save for my reviews when it comes to posting but that is because my 2017 had been dedicated to making a change. So instead of looking back on the year, I am going to talk about what is happening with Fox in the Flowers going forward.

If you follow me on social media (Twitter mostly) you have noticed some changes that have started to pop up from the change in my handle from, as well as starting to refer to myself not as Scarlet but as Meg.

This is due to slowly moving away from this blog as it is, this is not moving away from blogging or even the material that I blog about. It is about moving away from the life I had while running this particular blog, much of it is tied to an abusive relationship that I went through and there are numerous old posts on there that reference it in many ways. But since those times, my life has changed for the better as I have healed and through healing, I have realized I need to step away from the identity I created during that time and be more of who I feel I am.

Because of this, I am going to be rebranding my blog, moving to a domain of my own and changing up a lot of things. I will be up front, I do plan to still work with all of the affiliates that I do now and I do plan to keep writing as a sex blogger. I will still be doing reviews of toys and working on the guides I have made. I am also going to be talking about my life and my experiences when it comes to sexuality and everything that very broad spectrum might cover. I will be going through old reviews and likely editing them to reflect changes that have happened with certain toys over time of having them in my use as well as removing old references that I am just not comfortable having in them any longer. There is so much I have waiting that I have not felt ready to put on this blog because I feel like it at this point just does not belong to the me that I am now.

Content will still be posted, but you will see reviews that I have set times to finish over more personal writing that is being saved for the new blog. I will still be active on my Twitter while I work on things like getting settled with my domain and working on all of the less than alluring back-end things.

For now, let me take this moment to reintroduce myself just a little!

I am Meg! I have been doing this blogging thing for about 5 years now in a total of 4 states but I originally am from the Midwest. I am a cis female who goes by the pronouns of She/Her. When it comes to the spectrum of sexually and I have found that I fall someplace between Panromantic and Demisexual. I am also non-monogamous and currently living with my polyam family. On the kink side of things, I am in a 24/7 relationship with my Sir. Outside of all that, I am what I like to call a Magic Pixie Witch Girl, which is my way of taking back the whole Manic Pixie title in a more positive light.

I hope that you will all join me during this time of change and when I move to the new site continue to follow along! 2018 is going to be quite the ride for me and I cannot wait to share it with you all.

About scarletrosefox

A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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