Share our Shit: Feelings Edition

While I am not going to be writing as much as I normally have because I am working dutifully on my new site, I didn’t want to stop sharing some fantastic posts that I have been able to read over the last few weeks. This week gave me some seriously heavy feelings in terms of body positivity and taking control of my own pleasure two things that I have made goals of mine to work on this year.

Ace in the Hole – What I Learned By Tracking My Orgasms

If you happen to follow me on Twitter you have no doubt saw when I raved about Taryn from Ace in the Hole writing about tracking her orgasms via spreadsheet. I had been reading about others doing it, but I will admit that she got me with her addition of a template. But already only in the first few weeks, I am learning so much, like when I hit a low I can go days without feeling up for getting off. I also have toys that I will go for depending on the kind of orgasm I am looking for already when I am not working on a toy for a review. It has become an amazing mood tracker that I love to update more than any app on my phone.

Red Hot Suz – Fat & Fired Up: How Sex Toy Stores Can Be Body Positive

CW: fatphobia, body shaming, slut shaming

My body is something that I often get some serious worries about when it comes to blogging, as a blogger who is fat it worries me that stores and companies may not choose to work with me because of that. But Suz has put together some really good information on how Sex Toy Stores can work on making their businesses better for people of all sizes to shop at (both online and in store.)

Sex, Love, And All The Feels – Manifesting Pleasure in 2018

I read and listened to so many bloggers talk about their sexual resolutions for the year, I always worry about resolutions having to be huge grandiose things. But this article reminded me that sometimes keeping it simple is better. Be sure to give Marie’s video a watch as well, I was very quick to subscribe to her Youtube channel after watching!

Girly Juice – Am I Sexy?: An Ugly Duckling’s Lament

I read this post the day it was published, it was the first thing I read upon waking up and I teared up as I finished it. I quickly shared it with many others because I was having a powerful feeling towards Kate’s writing. I have often asked myself the same question about being sexy, it is something I struggle with seeing in myself when my partners have said it. Even upon going back and reading it as I worked on this post left me with a tightness in my chest as I read the words that I sometimes need so badly to remember.

Have you read anything great this week you woul like to let me know about? Share in the comments or even with me on Twitter! I hope to keep this up during my rebranding so I will always be keeping an eye out for posts during the week!


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A late 20's kinky geek. Submissive. Bisexual. Writer. Lover of Corsets. Reviewer.
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