Share our Shit: Support Edition

This week a lot of the ones that caught my eye were on how to support and show more consideration to people not only in our writing as bloggers, how readers can help support us, and how we as bloggers can help one another/our readers.

Chronic Sex – The Revolution Must Be Accessible, Part 2: Trigger Warnings

Trigger warnings will be discussed at length, including mentions of triggers such as abuse and sexual assault without details in the linked post. 

Trigger/Content warnings are things that I as a writer with my own triggers am trying to be more mindful of not only for myself but for my audience as well. I found this post to be invaluable not only for learning how to tag things but also a good common amount of phrases to use for warnings.

Squeaky Bedsprings – Got a Friend Who’s a Sex Worker? Here’s How to Support Them.

I have done sex work and I do want to maybe return to it in some fashion at some point, this is an article I know I am going to share often because all of it is so true. It is real work that deserves all the respect of any other job, which is so easy to do.

Hedonish – Chronic Illness, Brain Fog, Success, and Self-Worth

One of the big reasons I am doing the sharing other posts my fellow bloggers make is because of shadow banning. Hedonish is one of those bloggers that is still dealing with it happening. She wrote a wonderful piece this week about just as the title says chronic illness, brain fog, and self-worth. This piece was vulnerable and really made me remember why we sometimes have to share the hard things in our lives along with the good.

Dangerous Lilly – Dear Readers: Care and Feeding of Your Favorite Bloggers

Lilly has been posting some wonderful things lately, but this one caught me and I even shared with a few outside of the sex blog sphere because it is so true no matter what kind of blogger you might be. She breaks down really how to help us continue to bring our writing and reviews to people no matter how much or little you can contribute.

Did you see any awesome blog posts that I should know about? Feel free to comment them down below!



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