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Adventures In Camming: Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Cam Work

I jumped into camming back when I was living in Houston a good bit after I started my blog I was in need of the extra money and I had all of these toys that I knew I could use … Continue reading

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Issues and Tips for Brand New Dominants

I wish I could find a reason for this, perhaps its the sudden influx of a certain book’s (now movie) influence. That or I am just starting to notice it, but the amount of men and women both who suddenly believe … Continue reading

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Why we can’t have nice things: Video Game Edition

I like gaming, and while my choice in video games tends to be limited thanks to a lot of them being from a first person vantage I still enjoy watching The Boy play his FPS’ (First Person Shooters) while I … Continue reading

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Sex Bloggers Are…are not who you always think they are…

So today Write Sex Right tweeted out about a hashtag of #sexbloggersare after an experience at the Mumsnet Blogfest, in which the host of the a panel where sex blogging was compared to a flasher on the street. Needless to … Continue reading

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Street Harassment, I’m Done With It

I have been in a funk for writing since a few days ago, dwelling on something that happened while I was on my way to my place of employment. I wasn’t dressed in anything special. Simple black top, black capri … Continue reading

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So now rape has to be ‘legit’?

A friend of mine sent me this link of Rep. Todd akin who is running for Senate in Missouri. Who apparently after talking to his close doctor friends and I assume his years from attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute has learned a thing or two … Continue reading

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