Contact and PR

Do you have a review you would like me to review? Feel free to contact me via email scarletrosefox (at) gmail (dot) com. I have some basic info and guidelines below for review items.

Review Guidelines

At this time, I am only reviewing times that I am interested in. I know what is going to work for me and the types of items I have the ability to write reviews for. I write honest reviews, but I cannot guarantee a positive one. I am eager to review sex toys, plus sized lingerie, porn, erotica and BDSM items.

If you need a review done by a certain time, this mus be discussed before being set. This also includes any other stipulations such as links that you want provided. Any requirements sent afterward are null and void, I will not edit my reviews after the fact unless it is a good reason.

Items will not be sent back after review. If the item is provided for free I will not pay for it later if you decide you are unhappy with the review or for any other reason.

All sponsored reviews will have a disclaimer at the bottom of the review stating the item was provided free of charge.

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