Black Friday Round-Up

Hello, folx! I hope you are all enjoying your week no matter where you might be located we know that the crazy shopping time is coming up. But I have you covered for who has what sales from Tantus, Shevibe, Split Peaches, and Stockroom!


24 Hour Flash Sale11/23/17 12:00am PST to 11:59pm PST
Deal: 50% Everything*
*Sale excludes Feeldoes, Realdoes, Rumble, and Other Brands

This one is important, it only will list for 24 hours as listed above! All of Tantus‘ great toys for 50% off! This also does not list excluding Grab Bag toys, so you can get a little more of a discount on top of a discount if you are being a particularly thrifty shopper! Don’t forget their free shipping on everything over $100!

Starting this Black Friday, Nov 24 through Cyber Monday, Nov 27, you can save up to 70% during Stockroom’s Black and Blue Sale! Plus, FREE GIFT! Spend $99 or more on their site they’ll see a FREE Black Cotton Bondage Rope automatically add to your cart. Just like magic!

If you don’t see anything that is part of the sale that strikes your fancy you can still save 20% on your order* with code BLACK20 at checkout.
*Does not apply towards sale-priced items, BDSM furniture, or sex machine


Shevibe isn’t holding back this Black Friday either! The sale runs from November 22nd through November 27th(Midnight EST).

  • 10% Off Orders $75 OR MORE – CODE: PAST
  • 15% Off Orders $100 OR MORE – CODE: PRESENT
  • 20% Off Orders $125 OR MORE – CODE: FUTURE
Plus Free shipping on orders totaling $75 or more after discounts!
Everything on Split Peaches site will be 25% off! If you have been looking at any of the Unicorn Horns now would be the time to grab one! Don’t forget their Free Shipping hits at $90+ so a great way to grab more for less.



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Review: NoMoreWetSpot Blanket

The NoMoreWetSpot Blanket is a waterproof fleece blanket that is also reversible. NoMoreWetSpot sells their blankets in three sizes. The mini which is 30″ x 6″, their basic size that comes in 50″ x 60″ and their Jumbo which comes in at 5′ X 7’ft. The blankets themselves are double sided waterproof fleece and come in a couple of color selections. While I was sent the black/tan, there is also black/red and aqua/purple so you can make them match your bedroom or playroom if you so wish.

The blanket is lightweight coming in at under 1.5lbs so it will not feel like you are lugging it around and is easily foldable so it can be stored when not being used in a closet or drawer. Though I think it looks nice enough to be left out as well you will never know when you might need one.

blanket and toys

Because both sides are made of the same material you can also easily with its size fold it over once one side it used to have a second. The size allows for you to still have enough blanket as you really only need to make sure it is under your hips but you can really drape it however you need it for whatever position you may be using.

What did I think of it?

First things first, this blanket got wet from the firemen who brought up the hose that had to be fired out one of my bedroom windows. And I don’t mean a little wet, I knew it was not only holding some of the water but keeping a lot of it from having soaked through. This was before I even had a chance to use the blanket! Oh, how I wish that kind of had happened not because of the firemen being there for an actual fire….or with an actual hose. Another non-sexual use I found for it was resting it on my pillows when my hair was drying if I had to get to sleep quickly after a shower.


But this blanket has become a staple in my every day, as someone who reviews toys I never know what kind of orgasm I am going to end up having when I am testing. Or I know for certain the kind and well it means that I am not having to constantly wash my sheets every night.


Beading Water Blanket

Beading water droplets on blanket (click to expand)

I have tested it with water, lube (water and silicone based), and of course bodily fluids and with each, they soak into the blanket but don’t soak through. In the case of water and lube, some of it soaked into the blanket but I found that often if it was just a sprinkle it actually beaded up on top of the blanket. Also, I like that both sides are made with the waterproof fleece which allows me to turn it over and use it a second time before tossing it into the wash.


In the wash it cleans easily with all of my other sheets, the only thing I choose to do differently with it is I will let it air dry. I find personally it keeps the fleece soft to the touch. Though straight from the dryer it is very cozy as well as I have even used it just as an extra blanket at night.

Overy all the NoMoreWetSpot Blanket is a fantastic alternative to higher priced blankets out on the market. It does exactly as needed and looks good in any bedroom or play space.

You can get the NoMoreWetSpot blanket on their website starting at $35 dollars and go up to 98 for their Jumbo. Thank you NoMoreWetSpot for sending me the basic blanket to try in exchange for this review!

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Share our Shit: Things You Should Check Out

With Social Media hiding our content from you, those of us who blog have started Share our Shit Saturday. So I am taking my own time on Saturdays to do a small round-up of things I read from my fellow Bloggers that made me think, caught my eye, or even turned me on! Make sure to check out #SoSS on Twitter and if you enjoy any of this work and of course the things I write here please share them! We cannot continue to get our words out there and make sure we are helping others if our words are being hidden by algorithms and shadowbans. This will also include some links to a few podcasts that also dropped this week that I listened to!

Girly Juice – On Taking Men’s Money

It took me a long time to get comfortable with demanding what I was owed when I was working as a Cam Girl. Now that I am working on going back to that in order to help my income this post by Kate Sloan was something that I needed to hear. It also helped in motivating me to keep pushing when it comes to this blog as I try to continue my work.

Formidable Femme – How Social Media is Silencing the Sex Industry

Sarah does a wonderful job of breaking down just what is happening in social media right now with the four biggest platforms that are starting to silence us. If you know of others are curious this and the next article are the top two to share.

Hedonish – Social Media’s War on Sex Education

Hedonish covers in this the importance of the sexual education that we as bloggers provide. She breaks down the numbers about sexual education in the US and just how much we need to be able to get our words out to the rest of the internet.

The Pageist – Episode 067: Jealousy Survival Guide

I have gotten back into listening to podcasts regularly and this review from The Pageist helped me find a book I was lucky enough to grab for free. With Polyamory being something that is new to me, I jump on every bit of help I can get in being a better partner especially when it comes to my jealousy. I knew this book would be great for me after reading this review and you might as well!

There you go for this week! Be sure to check out the hashtag SoSS on twitter today for more roundups and tweets of more great content that we have!


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Guest Review: Vedo Cowboy

Today’s post is brought to you not by me, but by one of the people in my Poly Family Circle as I like to call it. Sage Lior came to me looking for advice on a toy and I, of course, directed him to SheVibe where we found him what he was looking for but didn’t have to get it from a company that I couldn’t recommend. He was awesome enough to write up this review! While I did do some minor edits, these are his words.

The Cowboy is a vibrating prostate massager made by Vedo.  The Cowboy is rechargeable, has a dual motor stimulator delivering stimulation to both the prostate and perineum simultaneously. Made from silicone, this toy is easy to care for and has 10 functions and two independent remote controlled motors (remote does need batteries).

The Numbers

  • Length: 6.5″
  • Insertable Length: 4″
  • Width: 1.1″ at largest point

Vedo Resting in Sage’s Hand

So what did he think?

So first impressions. About the Cowboy itself, it is, of course, made of made out of silicone but also includes a pleasant, soft touch to it. Along with the remote, there is a power button on the device, and also sports a self-healing port to plug in the USB charge cord. The device is made to be shower friendly which is why the port is made like this.


The device came without a charge. Which brings me to my first issue with the product as a whole. You will see the foldable brochure that advertises all of their models, as well as the card explaining how the remote functions, but has no instructions for the device itself of any kind but included, were instructions for their silicone cock rings, which suggests the possibility that the wrong brochure accompanied the device. I would have at least appreciated a time frame in which the device took to charge. The device is simple enough but I found it perplexing.


Vedo (Left) and IMG G-spot Vibe (Right)

First and foremost I am going to praise its shape. As you will see in the picture, the device the black one on the right consists only of one primary phallus. It is curved ergonomically for a prostate massager, but what occurs every time is the toy will rotate while it is inside and the curve will either be sideways or in reverse, not allowing the vibrations to reach the prostate as well. On the Cowboy, you will see that it also includes a second point which is to press against the perineum and also includes a motor inside. Just this design alone should ensure that once the toy is inserted it should STAY IN PLACE, allowing the vibrations to pinpoint where it is intended.

Now for the power. This is certainly the most powerful vibrator I’ve had for an anal toy. The 10 setting include your normal 3 degrees of power, then into the various rhythms & speeds.

This toy did everything I wanted and more. It was smooth going in, was extremely comfortable, and stayed in place. I was able to use it in multiple positions. The ring on the end was an excellent touch, making being able to move the toy how you liked much easier. The remote needs to be a bit close to the toy, but it was no strain to get the remote to reach. The vibration strength was the best I’ve ever had, though I personally would like to find something a bit stronger. I highly recommend this product for all levels of experience. Also, there is a Cowgirl model as well that appears to be the same principal with minor adjustments.


The Cowboy by Vedo can be gotten at Shevibe in blue and black, both $49. Thank you to Sage for the excellent review!


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Kink of the Week: The Cutting Edge

Having my clothes cut/torn off of me is a kink that I have actually never gotten to experience, I have watched gifs and even video of it happening to others so often that I know exactly where to look when that particular pants feeling pops up. I have teased myself with my own knives, trailing them just under the edges of straps and along my skin in hopes of it feeling the same, but it has only ever been a tease.


There is something about the idea of someone else being at the other end of that knife, it takes the control away from me and puts me totally in their hands. Often I think about being tied up when it happens, but there is a whole other level when my brain can only think of being told to keep still.  It comes with that urge to obey when the right person is the knife wielder in my head. Teasing threats of how I need to stop squirming or they might just cut something they didn’t mean to. That I know that if I were to flinch it would be more than fabric cut. Taking their time slowly letting me hear and feel the fabric slowly being removed at their whim.

On the other side of the coin, tearing off clothes comes with need. That you need to get things off now. It is never everything being torn off, it is always parts, the front of a shirt either down the buttons or just tearing down the collar of a t-shirt, a pair of tights/leggings/stockings, or even just as simple panties being torn right off. It is that passion that they have to have access to me right this second. I have had clothes pulled off me quickly but never with the intensity that comes with tearing. In my head, it always comes with a lot of other rough touches, the kind that leaves marks the next day.

Both of them have such amazing outcomes, both make me squirm as the thoughts flow through my mind even as I write this. I know that for the next few nights it is going to be the focal point of my fantasies or my searches for what I might want to get off on. But I certainly know that until it happens, I am not going to be as sated as I want to be.

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Review: Unicorn Horn by Split Peaches

It is 2017 and there are so many unicorn branded items out there, from frappuccinos to makeup brushes. It is certainly a thing that was grasped onto tightly and I for one welcome it into my life happily! So when I saw the Unicorn Horn Dildos made by Split Peaches, I knew I had to have it. They come in so many colors, from traditional white to a dark blue/purple, but I knew I needed mine to be rainbow colored when I saw it.


Each toy made by Split Peaches is designed and poured in their Peach Pit laboratory and using only 100% body safe platinum cure silicone.

I got my Unicorn horn in their medium size (numbers below) it does come in a small and large size as well, so there is something for everyone. The swirls on the twist of the horn causing a ripple texture over the whole toy.  The base does make it compatible with a harness or it can be used alone.

The Numbers

  • 8″ Insertable
  • 2 1/4″ around at the base

So what did I think of it?

When I pulled my Unicorn Horn out of the box, there was a flash in my mind that I had fucked up and pulled an, my eyes are bigger than my body can handle. Running my hand up and down it, I felt the ridges and that somehow put me to ease. It started rather small at the top so I knew this would be a toy I would take some time slowly working in rather than getting it all in with one go.

Echo Horn

Unicorn Horn next to Tantu Echo (Left) Close up of ridges on both (Right)

It was certainly not a toy I was going to start with, but I wanted to prepare myself for the ridges so I used my Tantus Echo first as a warm-up toy because the ridges on that also prepare my g-spot for stimulation but not heavily. The Unicorn Horn, once I got it into me was just what I needed. Every sturdy curve seemed to hit just the right spot, twisting it and turning it inside of me even provided a new sensation I was not aware I could enjoy. Once I was able to take a good amount of it, the larger ridges reminded me of using my fantasy toys that have knots to them, just nice and round to give it the kind of almost popping sensation that I enjoy. The whole experience was the right mix of stimulation I needed to get a very deep orgasm without anything for vibration.

When adding in a bullet or other vibrating toy for my clit, it gets even better. The added sensation I find keeps me baring down on the ridges of the horn allowing for slightly stronger orgasm finally in the end but due to the swirl of the horn, it did allow for my muscles to almost try and push it out of me when I did finally come.

There was only one real downside for me, my hands are small so the base on the Medium was almost too big for me to hold for long periods. Though I did find that the base made it very sturdy to stand up and of course ride the horn. I think the only thing I would wish for is if Split Peaches made a version that could easily suction to a wall or other flat surface. However, that is a good thing for those who plan to use the toy in a harness, as the base will be rather sturdy during use once it is in.

Overall I love my Unicorn horn! I feel like one day I may try the jump from Medium to Large and even make sure I get a small to add to my collection for the days I want the sensation but to be able to hold it for long periods of time. If you are looking for a toy that is going to be both filling and stimulating, this is certainly one for you!

Thank you, Split Peaches for sending me the Unicorn Horn in return for this review. The Unicorn Horn in Medium is currently available from their site for $65!

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