Exotic-Erotics: Medium Phoenix

It has been a while since I posted a review, but this one I have had sitting in my collection for quite some time. Life had kept me from really sitting down and putting my fingers to keys to write about the Phoenix from Exotic-Erotics that was kindly sent to me for review.

Let’s get down to the details of this toy first.


Material: Silicone
Length: 8″
Insertable length: 7″
Girth: 7.75″
Harness compatible: yes (Option when buying, I did not choose it.)
Suction cup: yes
Safe for anal: yes (very large base)

Now this is not the first toy from Exotic-Erotics I have tried, I am rather fond of my Werewolf and it gets a lot of use from me. As for my Phoenix, I do adore it not only for the girth and length which is quite the plus, but also the shape. As you can see from pictures it starts with a slim but tapered head, before it gets into the girthy bottom (knot) like ending. Which does take awhile and a bit of lube to really get to the point of being able to take all of it without any discomfort, mine is made with a soft firmness in both the base and shaft of the toy. Which is what I need to be able to take all of the knot when I am really trying to. I also found that it allowed the head of the toy to curve slightly against my cervix to allow for a bit more room but did not hurt or cause any discomfort when it happened.


Werewolf Knot compared to Phoenix Knot


I found the slightly bulbed curve of the head when I am not particularly feeling like working myself up to taking the knot can be perfect for pressing into my g-spot during insertion. Which felt good but the softness of the toy didn’t lend for the right amount of pressure to allow me to orgasm that way but still felt good. If I knew I could take the whole toy at a medium firmness I believe that would have been enough.

Because it is made of silicone a water base lube is of course highly recommended over anything else. Plus clean up is super easy, I found its best to give it a good wipe down after use and then a nice dip in a hot bath of water to sterilize it. The ridges on mine seemed to need some looking after

What is great about Exotic-Erotics other than they clearly awesome fantasy shapes you can get your hands on, is the customization. You can go for most colors when it comes to the toys as you can see with mine I just had to go with the flame color for something based off a phoenix of all things. I think if there was anything I would have changed was a base that was firmer to really stand up as the shape is a bit odd and mine tends to give to tipping over if I am not holding it up or it is inserted. Plus they gave me a super lovely bag to keep it all safe in (cause we all know silicone is a magnet for cat hair).

Overall, I am a big fan of not only the Phoenix but Exotic-Erotics as well. I cannot wait for a chance to get my hands on more of their toys one way or the other!

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Review: Womanizer Pro (W500)

img_20161202_180850What can I say about the Womanizer W500 that hasn’t seriously already been said before, I mean hell Buzzfeed recently did a whole YouTube video on it and I have to say all of the reactions in this are ones that I have had even with being someone who has used a significant number of toys! But I have to say that this one is like nothing I have ever used in my time of doing this before.

While I could go on about the name being cringe worthy, that has been also covered by many other bloggers. I will say I was happy not to get mine in pink with leopard prints as I find most of the designs they use garish, though I am happy they are not your standard pinks, purples and baby blues that most toys made for women seem to get. The Swarovski crystal element certainly made it fancy but when it comes down to what I am looking for in toys it is not a need, just a small bit of flair. For my hand I found the round design of the toy to be a little larger than what felt totally comfortable but it wasn’t something that took away from my overall experience with the Womanizer.

So let’s get into the experience itself. When you first turn the toy on the fact that there is no buzz or vibration is a little unsettling as you try to figure out just how it works. Seeing the tip glowing red it makes me raise an eyebrow, but it isn’t bright and when the lights are off it isn’t like a glowing beacon under my blankets as I move. Then as I put my finger over the tip I feel the soft, not quite suction feeling and as I turn it up to the highest intensity I have to wonder just how the hell I am going to get off.


The reason I wonder this is because so many things I have read including from the site for the Womanizer W500 is that it ‘mimics’  the feeling of oral sex. Which I surprisingly have not had a lot of with past partners and when I have it was never something I was comfortable with getting off during half the time. So I know I am already going into this with some pre-assumed feelings because I have never gotten off in under 3 minutes even with my Hitachi so how could this do the trick?

I still don’t know, after a little work at getting it settled on my clit, I laid back and after lubing it up I got it settled on my clit and then before I had even gotten that into the porn I was watching I was biting down on my lip as I came. Seriously, it was as intense as if I had been watching for the last 10 min and building up to it. But not too much that I couldn’t dive back in after a few seconds of catching my breath and do it a few more times until I was stopping myself so I wouldn’t make a mess of my bed right before my roommates came back. Even they saw the intense pleased glow about me after giving myself a number of orgasms. All I know is that this air touch/pulse air/wind kiss/touch less/pressure wave intimate stimulator as the company calls it, works it’s ass off in just a few moments.

Now the instructions say to use lube with it, but I also gave it a shot without because I had to know if it would make any sort of difference in when I did use lube. For me personally, I found I actually like it with out the lube added, for me, it gives a slightly rough feeling that feels like the smallest of pinches on my clit that I happen to find pleasurable.

As for the rest of the big plusses that the Womanizer W500 has going for it, it charges via USB, it comes with two tips for different sizes of clits so you can get the right kind of suction that you want and for me it was quiet which is a thing that I love in my toys because I do share a room with people at times.  Clean up was pretty easy as well, the tips come off and I found that all I needed to really use was a toothbrush with cleaner and hot water on the rest of it just to keep it all clean based on where the rest of the toy touches me during use. The air itself seems to cause all of the lube that I did use the first time to I suppose evaporate which was pretty neat, so nothing in that regard was left behind.  I think the only huge downside I had for it was that it is not splash/water proof because this is a toy that I would adore having in the shower if I could.

I wish that I could compare the Womanizer to any other toys but I can’t, there is literally nothing else like it that I have ever used or had used on me. All I have is my own experience to share with others that from what I can tell match up with so many other women who have gotten to get their hands on this toy.

The toy itself does hold a steep price, at as high as $219 depending on where you are looking. The company sells their product itself on their Amazon page in a number of different countries but you can also find it places like Good Vibrations or Shevibe.com. So you do have a number of places to look depending on who you prefer shopping with or your budget.



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State of the Fox

Back during the summer, I was gearing up to get new reviews out things from Crystal Delights, Tantus and even the famed Womanizer! But life decided to get in my way you see. Throwing things off balance in the way that only 2016 has seemed to be able.

Around the time of my last post I started to feel super ill, stomach troubles. Mostly pain as it started to seem like maybe my appendix or just a not enough <blank> in my diet causing the issue. Weeks of this, of at least 3 trips to the ER before we discovered that in fact, it was not any of these things but my gallbladder. It went from being quite alright to BOOM 30% functional. When really it needs to be working at an optimal 70% according to the doctor who told me this little factoid. So I was going to get it removed,

So I was going to get it removed, surgury was going to be planned after the last ER visit and things were rolling to getting better. But my dear readers this can’t be a simple ending, of course not. Just a couple days after coming home from the ER and getting back to work. I am violently back in the ER because my gallbladder decides it is time to pick a fight with my pancras. Of course. So there I am Labor Day weekend, in the hospital waiting until Tuesday to get into surgury. It was frustrating to say the least.

Then a few months of recovery, trying to redeem myself at work and then get transfered to another job because holiday work is just bouncing from one thing to the next. This is where I have been, a muddle of just trying to get myself back in order. I think I am finally reaching a place where I can finally start doing this again. I have already taken the steps to retest toys so that I am not just trying to write about things that I half remembered.

So no deals or sales that I can push today, today I am just taking the time to be thinakful that I can keep doing this and to spend time with people. But soon I will be updating this whold damn thing like I promised months ago. So keep an eye out and I am so thankful also for those who have stuck around to keep reading my posts.


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Erotica: Into The Woods

She walked deeper into the woods than she should have that day, where things got almost as dark as night because the trees had grown so thick that they hid even the noon day sun from sight. It left the air cool and almost damp that she had to pull the scarf around her more to keep the goosebumps from rising on her skin. For a moment she thought that she might be lost, the only thing that kept her on the right track was following the skills her father had taught her so that something like that didn’t happen. That was when she found something standing out between hidden under what seemed like overgrowth that stood out from the rest, it looked almost like dark stone.

Moving over to it she started to pull at the top layers, the fine vines that her hands could get to without too much effort. It wasn’t until she reached the second layer that she had to pull out her knife to get at the thicker vines covered in thorns, even being careful she cut and scratched at her hands. Before she got too tired she was able to get the flat part of the stone cleared off, it looked like roughly carved obsidian the white flecks in it an almost black red. An altar all the way out here? That didn’t make sense, who was it even too? She knew of all the other ones that laid around in the area but this one was new but seemed older than she knew. None of the markings made any sense to her. It wasn’t until she rested her bleeding hand on top of it that she realized it had been stained with old blood.

Her hand became warm as she looked at it and frowned.

“I’ll fix this. But I need something stronger for the thicker growth, I will find it and return. For now take this…my blood as a long overdue offering and a promise that it will be done.” She said looking around with a soft smile, perhaps it was naive to make such promises without knowing who she was making the promises with but she felt the small pull that she should. Trusting her gut had led her out this way, after all, there seemed no reason to stop yet.

She left with her promise hanging in the air, something watching her from all angles until she went too far and it slumbered again.

The next morning came and the girl ventured out, a basket in one hand and an axe over her shoulder figuring that the thick blade would make quick work of even the most stubborn of vines while barely scratching the stone if it touched it. She worked until she knew that noon approached, sitting down on the grassy ground with her basket and pulling out the food she as brought to give her the energy to continue her work. Carefully she broke off sizeable chunks, resting them on the altar with care on one of her scarfs even placing the water in its own glass while she drank from the skin. Seeing to her lunch it was not until she had finished that she looked up to find all of it gone leaving only the scarf having been folded nicely.

“You’re welcome…” She said softly to the air, the wind rustled through the trees in response. Smiling she continued until it started to grow even darker in the woods, speaking softly to the air around her. Not about anything specific, just the thoughts that came to her mind as she worked.
Being lost outside for so long in a place where no one seemed to come must make one lonely was her thought. But by the time she was done she had finished the work of getting everything cut off the altar and what seemed like a shrine attached. More things she could not understand carved into the stone that she traced her fingers over slowly noticing that it needed to be tended to with something to smooth it all out.

“I’ll return tomorrow, to clean this and make it shine even here in the darkness of the forest. And with even better than what you ate today.” She said making a second promise to the air, this time leaving the folded up scarf upon the altar. When she had left it’s sight it slipped from the darkness taking the scarf and taking in her scent with a pleased soft growl dancing through the air that sounded like it was just the wind to her ears.

On the third day, she brought water and cloth to clean the dirt and grime from where it had gotten through the vines. Working hard she scrubbed and cleaned, working on her hands and knees so long that she forgot her lunch until she reached the flat top of the altar and frowned.

“Just this last bit and then I must go, I know it grows late but I will leave you some I promise.” She said as she bent to reach the other end.

“I hunger not for food, but the offering you have laid across my altar now is more than fitting.” The girl heard behind her as everything grew dark. Large hands gripped her at her hips and pushed her down further onto the altar as she pushed herself back in surprise. Her knife with her bag she moved to try to use her fists to break her assailant’s grasp only to find herself held down by the back of her neck. Pressing her cheek into the cool stone that held her up and she whimpered as she felt the grip on her hip wandering, the wet air of the forest touching bare skin as her skirt was pulled and over her ass. It felt like sharp claws traced slowly over her skin making her shiver and letting out a cry as they ever so gently glided along her most sensitive spots making her let out a cry that she brought her mouth to her hand to hide.

“Don’t hide it little one, no one can hear you out here. Your sounds as much as your body will be perfect.” They said, thick fingers pressing between her lips and making her groan out as he found her body quickly preparing itself for him. His fingers started to move before she could make any verbal protests, still holding her down as he felt her wetness grow every time he buried them further into her. Her stomach grew warm and tight, her fight to push him away weakened. It was not as if she had not been touched like this before but she did not know why she was giving in so easily to them.

Her mind drifted as she became compliant and she felt the hand leave her neck to tangle fingers into her hair, they pulled hard with a growl and she let out a screaming moan into the darkness as she felt thickness penetrate her without stopping to pull back. Weight pushing into her hips as they used her hair like reins with a horse. Not a single word was spoken, the darkness around her growling and making sounds of pleasure as it took what it wanted.

Her own pleasure grew as she let out her own moans, hands clawing at the stone under her as she could hear flesh smacking against her own sharply. Her body almost acting on her own as she pushed herself back against him, making the thrusts into her even rougher. It let go of her neck to bring their claws back to her hips, but she did not move other than to push back, she could feel how much giving in made them hold her down less but she could not say that she did not enjoy the feeling of having been pinned. It made her stay where she had been put and she heard a pleased growl come from them as they took her harder.

Her moans filled the forest around the altar and for a moment she was sure she could be heard all the way back home just as her hair was grabbed to pull her up enough that the voice was strong in her ear.

“Cum for me…” It growled and a tongue trailed over her neck to her shoulder before biting down hard as teeth pierced her flesh. Her body eagerly listening to the order and her orgasm almost as blinding as the pain as the two mixed together, her screaming moans flowing from her throat like chaotic howling.

Then before she could react she felt the cool stone against her face again and she was waking up, her clothes a mess and it seemed that night had come. She had been laid on top of the altar and sat up, wincing in slight pain as her shoulder ached looking to find the bite healing and bruising. Getting to her feet she felt the weakness in her legs as they quivered, slowly gathering her things she took glances over to where she had woken up as what had happened replayed in her head. As she moved to leave she turned to look one more time and bit her lower lip.

“I’ll be back tomorrow…” She said softly, not to the air but the darkness instead and as she used what little strength she had left she ran home. Swearing that the laughter she heard was all in her head.

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We-Vibe Touch from Good Vibrations

I have never before gotten to try anything from We-Vibe, despite all of the great reviews I have heard of just about everything they have made! So when Good Vibrations gave me a chance to try the We-vibe Touch, in exchange for this review, I knew that I had to take it and run. Or really wait patiently for the mail to come and then run to my room.

Right out of the box the first thing I loved was the feeling of the matte silicone, which in a house with five cats, two dogs and 12 people means no lint or hair getting stuck to it! Plus so much easier to clean when it comes time to get all of that done.Gf-700x420

Then there is the shape of it, the rounded bottom sat perfectly in my hand during use and I could barely feel the vibrations in the bottom of it, they were all mostly located in the tapered top with the slightly scooped underside for a bit more broadened stimulation. Which while not my thing, was nice. I tend to be more of a direct stimulation type when it comes to my clit so it took just a little adjustment to make sure I got what I needed out of it.

31e++FLFzfL._SY355_The Touch itself has four levels of steady vibration that goes up, then four patterns (Tease, Pulse, Wave and Cha Cha). All of the vibrations are very rumbly and even on the highest setting stay that way. You only need to press a single button to turn on and cycle through the different settings. Turning it off is just holding down the button and it shuts down. Interesting fact, it stays at where you turned it off rather than when turning it back on starting the cycle all over. It is also super quiet, I share a room with 2 other people at this time and in my corner of the room even not under any blankets they couldn’t hear the vibrations on the highest settings. While the vibrations do get high, they never got high enough for me that I didn’t really achieve orgasm without using another toy as I am more a fan of very high and slightly buzzy vibrations.

The only thing that drove me a little crazy was the charger! You see, it plugs in via USB and connects to the toy with two small magnet prongs. Which is nice but I found myself trying to make sure the Touch and its charger sat in just the right spot so it would all settle and actually charge. I had a few times where I let it settle for a while thinking it was doing its things. But, after 90 min (the time it needs to charge), I only got about 30 min of time out of it when I was expecting more like 2 hours. Which when testing it with other things in a window of time leaves one a little frustrated. But I have since learned how to make sure all is well in charger world so that I does get what it needs.

I strongly recommend making sure to charge it after every use. Because it will LET you know it needs it. The button on the bottom lights up, bright enough I could see it through the white silk bag the Touch is kept in. So really its best to just charge it.

Clean up is super easy at the Touch is fully waterproof so you only need soap and water or some kind of toy cleaner. But if you are looking to sanitize it, using a 10% bleach solution and rinse well is what you should do with it. Because it is made of silicone it is best to use water-based lubrication along with it, but I have been told some hybrid lubes work just as well.

Overall, if rumbly clitoral stimulation is what you are looking for this is the perfect toy for you. I know that I will end up using the Touch with a number of my other toys or even as a warm up to my more powerful toys in the future. Thank you again to Good Vibrations for sending it my way!


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Crystal Delights Mystery Box

I have wanted anything from Crystal Delights in my collection for quite some time now, so when I saw the mystery boxes they have started to sell now and then, it sealed the deal for me and I took the chance to grab one up.


Now, just what is a Mystery  Box for them? It is a one-time thing (unless you buy another later), with one product inside of it. Heavily discounted (Box runs 49.95-59.95) but you are still getting a super quality glass toy! They also allow you to put in the option of not wanting to get anything with real fur and go with faux instead if that is what they pick out for you. But why is it a such a discount? This is because it is slightly out of their acceptable specifications, a new color they are trying, a current product they have lower quantity of or even something NEW they are trying. All of the toys they use still meet their safety standards before shipping out, so nothing is poor quality here! Plus the only extra charge they give for it is if you want one of their super plus handmade bags for the toy to store it. So it is actually a super great deal for anyone who might be on a budget but still wants some sparkle in their collection.

Now on to what I ended up getting! I ended up with a lovely Basix Delight Dildo with a blue Swarovski crystal element at the end of it. It is one they normally carry, so either they had it in a low quantity or it could be due to what seemed like the jewel being slightly off center at the end. I wasn’t sure, but I can say that I was not unhappy with what arrived! There will be a separate review later going into detail about this toy!

I have gone through the reviews written on their site and it is amazing what others have ended up with. I saw everything from some of their fantastic tail plugs to other plugs with amazing colors described. I know I am going to have to give it a shot again soon and see what I am sent!

So if you enjoy a good mystery and love high-quality glass toys, but haven’t taken the plunge with Crystal Delights  yet I highly recommend ordering one of these lovely surprises!

Crystal Delights.com



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