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Starting Over

I know that writing personal things can be rare with this blog, but this is my first step into making more personal posts and opening up not only to the readers of this blog. But, of course opening up to … Continue reading

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A New Year

Last year had its ups and downs, that is for sure. On March of last year I started this blog, since then I have come to accept more about myself and my sexuality. I have thought more about the things … Continue reading

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Street Harassment, I’m Done With It

I have been in a funk for writing since a few days ago, dwelling on something that happened while I was on my way to my place of employment. I wasn’t dressed in anything special. Simple black top, black capri … Continue reading

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Celebrating Bisexuality Day!

I am sure I have said it on here before, but I am certainly not done saying it ever or on a day like today. Which is Celebrate Bisexuality Day! I am Bisexual! While I have known and been out … Continue reading

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Like Hell I’m Not A Real Writer

Most of my coworkers know about my blog, none of them visit but they know about it and they ask me how its going taking a generalĀ interestĀ in what I am doing. Recently we got a swath of new hires, who … Continue reading

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Manic Pixie Dream Girl or Tropes in Real Life

I didn’t quite know what a Manic Pixie Dream Girl was until my friend sent me this video on Youtube. After watching I decided to start doing more research on this ‘trope’ and what it is all about. To which … Continue reading

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