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Riskiest Places I Have Masturbated

Now, as someone who has tested many toys and enjoys using them, I have masturbated a lot. While I am pretty good with keeping it a bedroom activity there have been a few times that I have not been able … Continue reading

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Wicked Wednesday: Yes or No?

She laid in bed, the quiet stillness of her bedroom enveloped in darkness. The moon creating just enough light to keep her from sleeping as she tossed and turned. She knew what would help her sleep, but he was away … Continue reading

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TMI Tuesday: Masturbation Month 2013

1. My favorite place to masturbate is ________ ? That is one of two places for me, either of course in bed cause that is just comfortable or I have taken quite a liking to the jet tub I now … Continue reading

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Using Toys while on your Period

  I am one of those people, that can and will still masturbate during my period. Why? Well for myself it helps to ease the cramps and other general discomforts. There is also the bonus that orgasms make me happy … Continue reading

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Writing: Getting his attention

I wrote this piece for MindChaotica’s current contest in honor of May being Masturbation Month which is running till June 8th. The idea was to include masturbation into a short story or how you would use masturbation to seduce a lover. I deiced to … Continue reading

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