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Fantasies of September

Autumn is here and there is so much going on, enjoying the change of season, questioning how it can still be so warm (woo climate change!) and of course preparing for Halloween. While this month has not been a slow … Continue reading

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Top Fantasies of July

This month has been up and down for me, I started in a new position at my job so it has led to more hours than I spend there and less than I spend at home. Now has that kept … Continue reading

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Kink of the Week: Getting Wet in the Rain

It has been so long since I participated in Kink of the Week! I had nearly forgotten it was around but I am so glad I have found it once more so I can participate! I love the rain, I … Continue reading

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What has been going on with me?

I just thought I would give a little heads up as to what is going down in my life as of late! I am trying to be more personal here on this blog so it doesn’t seem like endless reviews … Continue reading

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Review: Liberator Flip Ramp

I have never used any type of sex furniture before, only because I had been content with using what I had available to me. Be it a bed, couch, chair…it was there and that was all I really needed. So … Continue reading

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TMI Tuesday: Too Much Holiday Information

1. Which religion or faith do you belong to, if any? I am actually pagan, well I have returned to being pagan after a long time trying to figure out if I was pagan or just agnostic. 2. What is … Continue reading

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