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Sex Blogging Funk – Self Love Challange

I have had a bit of writers block the last few weeks it seems, I know that I don’t post as often as I would like. There are a lot of reasons behind that to be honest. Lots of stress … Continue reading

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Sultry Saturday: Taste of Honey

So I am writing smut this year for National Novel Writing Month and thought I would share a bit here with you my lovely readers. Now you can’t tell in this but my current characters one of them is of … Continue reading

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Sultry Saturday: Teathered Thoughts

The feel of the rope around me, slowly and carefully binding parts of me into place, enduring the need to move so that it can be done right. The tightness that it brings like they are wrapping their hands and … Continue reading

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Sultry Saturday: Sugar, Sugar

Its just carbohydrates. Just carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Melt it down, add some flavoring and color. It becomes a sweet treat. Something to enjoy when your sweet tooth is aching, coming in so many shapes and sizes. Just an innocent … Continue reading

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Sultry Saturday: My Exxotica Experiance

A few weekends ago, I got attend the EXXOTICA Expo in Rosemont, IL I had originally been told about it by my father of all people who saw the billboard on his way to work and he thought it would … Continue reading

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Kink of the Week/Sultry Saturday: Hard to Pin

Clothes pins, now that is a kin that is well…rather hard for me to pin down my feelings on them. The first being, okay as far as BDSM items go, they are awesome. Yes you can totally get some very … Continue reading

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